My review on Godaddy WordPress hosting

I am currently hosting 3 blogs on Godaddy , all of them Self hosted WordPress blogs.

One of my blog gets quite substantial traffic ofcourse the term is relative as its a hyperlocal media blog, but somewhere around 20000 visitors and 38000 page views. I generate income by selling Ad spaces and advertorials on the website. All my marketing efforts since last one year has been inbound. (i.e I depend on my website to generate leads) .

Now you can see why I cannot afford this particular website to have any downtime. If its down, I loose readership and whenever its has been down, I have been really mad, and almost on all occasion it was go-daddy which was having some server node issues since the traffic had spiked. Godaddy customer service guys never admit upfront about their issues, only when the call is escalated to specialized department the problem at their end is acknowledged, of course the resolution is swift, but so is the re-occurence.

Now having blamed go-daddy for all my downtime problem I still am not very keen to change hosting providers, and the reason is the awesome cusotmer support and service on PHONE and TWITTER. While the CS on email is a problem, but the CS on phone is just incredible, the guys go out of the way to help you sort out the issues, very courteous and understanding and do escalate the issue (unlike our Indian services where the Team leader is a never available). Also in certain difficult cases if your issue is not resolved by the 24X7 phone support, the twitter account @godaddy is the daddy of all support, just mention your problem and you have a DM in your inbox helping you to resolve your issue.

Pricing wise : Go- daddy is cheaper for me at-least,as i usually get discount codes and also offers me monthly/quartely payment options, i found this option lacking in some of the hosting providers I checked.

Now the verdict is: If godaddy works on its technical issues as efficiently they work on customer support, things would be great. So right now, I am still with godaddy. Anyone has any problem with godaddy hosting can get in touch with me, will be glad to advise/help.

How to set up a Self Hosted WordPress Blog and start making money.

I read this morning around 275 million people used wordpress to blog in the month of October 2011. But this is not a great figure, considering a thriving population of 7 billion on this planet.

Leaving this figure aside, My personal objective is to convince more and more people to start a blog and then make money out of the blogs. A blog it is said takes around 8 years to start paying off so that you can quit your job and become a full time blogger. I really dont have the figure on how many people in India survive with Blogging income as their main source of income.

I have been lucky, I started making money from the 1st year onward, and this is my 3rd year that I am a full time blogger. I have actually evolved in to hyper-local media website. What I want to share is that I have the formula which I can share that you start making money via blogging, and at the end of the 3rd year, you can kiss your 9 to 5 job goodbye and start living by your blog and working on what you are passionate about.

Check this presentation video below and drop me a line if you need help on setting up a blogging business.