How my ordered day turned chaotic today!

So i am reading a book on a decision making framework. It is called Cynefin. The author talks about namely four states. Order, Chaos, Complex and Complicated. I was wondering how it will apply to life and today I was presented with this opportunity.

My Daily Orderly Life

I have worked hard on building a routine after the lockdown has been lifted and we are finally able to move around.

This orderly life includes

  1. Wake up as early as possible.
  2. Eat lunch before 12 pm
  3. Work out of a cafe from 1 pm to 4/5pm straight. (This is most important for me, as it is my big FOCUS time). I am not hungry and there are no distractions.
  4. Reach home.
  5. No dinner, only fruits. (So I sleep on a light stomach, which helps me wake up refreshed and I need less sleep).

So everything went fine. I was on my way to lunch and then realised that Maharashtra Yuva Agadhi had called for a Maharashtra Bandh.

Here is how the chaos ensued.

  1. All food places were shuttered. I had to eat chat with tea for lunch. I hated it.
  2. I couldn't sit in the cafe and work. It meant that I had to shift all my focus work to tomorrow.
  3. I tried to come home and order food, then realised the thing which is my comfort food was not available. So I had to spend the rest of the day eating only fruits.

The day is salvaged.

I tried to stay on fruits as irritating my digestive system causes me lot of stress and sleeplessness. Thankfully I picked up some work in the evening and am feeling much better.

The Moral of the Story

Don't add to the chaos, try to reign in. The creator of the cynefin framework Dave Snowden recommends you ACT>SENSE>RESPOND when you find yourself dealing with a chaotic situation. Read my book highlights here.

Cynefin framework