Inverting the Institution of Marriage to Eliminate INEQUALITY

I deal with the middle class. I mean I run online communities, where the people who consume content are the middle class. This has given me no choice but to study this class for their behaviours and biases. I am not an expert so my knowledge is made of a lot of stuff I read by western authors and writers.

The Middle Class hates the Poorer class

One thing is certain, the middle class hates the poor. When I say poor they are not the slum dwellers. They are just not on the same social ladder as the middle class. One thing which could easily categorise these two classes are

The Battle of the two Classes

  1. One class owns one or more cars – i.e the Middle Class which seldom use public transport.
  2. The other class doesn’t own a car or If they own it, it is used for commercial purposes. I.e the lower class which mostly use public transport.

Inverting the Institution of Marriage

Marriage is the biggest social indicator of life. Who you marry will define your social status for the rest of your life. Unless you have the guts to divorce.

The Sole Purpose of Marriage

Let marriage no longer be an institution. We have burdened marriage with too many responsibilities. Let marriage be for the sole purpose of someone to take care of you when you are sick or take care of your old parents. Yes, reduction to one thing.

Marry only to person from a much lower economic status

It is said migration is the biggest cause of improving economic conditions. People migrate from villages to cities, from cities to economic centres worldwide.

What about social migration?
Physical migration might improve the economic conditions, it might give you comforts which you never even thought of. But your mind is still in the village and small town. You only interact with other migrants from your pind.

Social Migration via Marriage

Now, marry someone from another social-economic background and it is certain that there would be a big leap in your social conditions.

Also, the bonus is it might reduce inequality.