I finally have an idea for a Book

Being an author sounds like a great way to signal intellectual snobbery. I once met an author a few years back and secretly confessed to him that I had a secret desire to write a book and could he tell me the process and I remember the look of disgust on his face with this line of enquiry.

He was very nice to me till the point I expressed this wish of mine. I know what went through his mind. He thought he spent his entire life perfecting his craft of writing and here I was a bumbling idiot who just thinks he can write a book cause he had a dinner with an author.

There is 99% chance I would have reacted the same way if our places were interchanged. Because I know writing is so painful and complex. Especially something like a book.

Finally I had completely dropped the idea of ever writing a book. We humans on an average have 4000 weeks in our lifetime, if we live to be 80 year old's. I have exhausted about 2500 weeks of my life, so why should I undertake such a complex project where are chances of failure is almost 99.99%?

The answer is if the idea is going to help millions of people overcome their sufferings and I feel I have had some insight on this idea. I feel it is guaranteed to help millions of people who are miserable and suffering.

The only complicated thing is to put the idea into words so people can understand it. The idea is a cliche, so people won’t get into the depth of it if I explain it in a blogpost. That is the reason a book is needed. Something which an immersive, instrospective and solitude activity is the right way of distilling this idea.

Even if I fail to sell a single copy, I will be addressing my issues in this book. So it is a self-help book for me first, others can decide.

Book Idea Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

The challenges

Writing a thousand word blogpost is something I do routinely, but do I have it me to write a 50000/80000 word book. This is my apprehension and how do i go about editing and copy checking. Phew. It is already overwhelming.

In case you an author, let me know your process of breaking down such a big project in the comment box below.