The secret to not being miserable is to become a child.

I have been thinking lately on how the mind works. What is causing me pain? I think the cause of pain is avoiding the only thing which is certain - Death.

We are all going to die that we all know, but we are all trying our best to stay alive. This is the root cause of our unhappiness. i.e Prolonging life.

I don’t mean to go and commit suicide. What I mean if you die every moment, you can be born again every other moment. How do you this?

The answer is become like a child. Have you seen a child is not afraid of death? It is us adults who have to teach the child to fear fire, sharp objects or electricity. Well, these are indeed useful lessons the child needs to know. But then we adults also teach him to fear everything, Like if you don’t work hard, you won’t get a job and other nonsense. We turn this innocent life into a conspiring adult.

ok, coming back to the point. How do you become a child?

You become a child by living your every movement 100%. You are 100% joy or 100% crying. You are fully immersed into the state of being. You are not thinking whether tomorrow will there be food or clothes to wear. A child is always in the moment.

A Child Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

But how do we train adults to be in the moment?

The problem is adults are always in the past or the future. They are either nurturing a painful memory or fantasising about the future. Which is also another name for pleasure. Call it pleasure, day dreaming but this pleasure turns to pain. Day dreaming is you conspiring for a future so that you can increase your chances of survival.

If you are day dreaming about a life partner, it is because having a life partner means you chances of survival is greatly enhanced and you even pass your genes so you survive post your death.

A child is not thinking about survival so it is spontaneous. It is difficult to get out of this human conditioning. We are fundamentally all repressed humans. We have thousands of fantasies and wishes which are not fulfilled. The more unfulfilled wishes the more we are going to day dream and consistently miss the joy's of life.

This is a complex subject to explain. But If the readers find it makes sense and want to give feedback.