Review of the Billionaire Raj by James Crabtree -useless book skip it.

This book is written for a foreign audience in mind. Most of the stuff in the book is what you can google or go to the news archive and get it.

The author has met a few people like Vijay Mallya, Jindal and Arnab. Besides that there hardly seems to be an in-depth analysis. Most of the things like the Lalit modi scandal or the Nirav modi scandal is from the newspapers.

The modi chapters were the most boring part. Please skip this book. Read ParanjoyGuhaThakurta book Gas wars or Feast of Vultures by Jeby Joseph instead if you want to understand crony capilasim


My experience in Hiring.

Over the last couple of months, I have been hiring people. I remember the words of a techie friend.

I use technology instead of hiring people, as people are very difficult to manage.

I am trying to build a remote team who can work from home. A small team.

I have used mediums like advertisements, social media and WhatsApp. Robots are not yet intelligent enough to do all humans tasks. Below are some of my experience in Hiring.

Word of mouth

I spoke to a few friends who I thought would be helpful. I contacted people who were teaching colleges or principals for interns. Not much came out of it. Why? +Interns+


Interns are a complete waste of time, if you have a small requirement. They will join for 2 months. If you are starting, don’t bother with interns. They are completely raw and you will wasting more energy just coordinating with them.

Advertisement are a waste of time unless you are looking for a very niche skill.

I placed a advertisement immediately. I wanted good amount of choice in the talents. I didn’t want to be shortchanged. The responses I got were from far away places mostly the outskirts of Mumbai. Places like Virar, Vasai, kalyan and Dombivali seems to be where the low paid white collared manpower is available.

There was a issue with fluency in English which was first stumbling block. Then they were way too young. They expected jobs to be places where they can go and work out of.

I have used and internshala(

Social Media Works

I have a good network on social media which I have built over the last 8/10 years. Few take me seriously on social, but I have my admirers.

My best hires came from my personal social media network. of course there was some bloopers also. But your own social network is a good place to look for talents.

These are people who understand you and there is certain level of cultural similarities. The communication is easy with them and they are ready to risk it for you.

There is downside here too.

If for any reason you picked the wrong person. Your relations could get scarred. It has happened to me before. Once very trusted person who I wanted to join as a partner started acting real weird after getting on board. I haven’t talked to him since we parted ways.

People will bluff

Inexperienced people will bluff that they can handle the job. The thing is they are too naive to even understand the profile. Don’t take their word for it. Test them, give them a notice period.

The best thing is to get people who are honest

Judging honesty is difficult. Sometimes you know a person for years still you don’t know if that person is honest. The best judge for honesty is people who are a bit less confident about their abilities. They are always skeptical whether they are the right candidate for the job. But then people are again tricky.

Hire people who can do the work and think also

There are 2 aspects of work. One is actually working, which is a minor aspect. The more difficult aspect is thinking about work. People wake up and do all the things they are meant to do. They think only far enough to safeguard their status quo.

  1. The working part required vitality and good health. Also without peace of mind and support one cannot be very productive. Anyone going through a bad phase in life or stressed because of personal issues, needs to taken care off.
  2. The thinking part is not everybody’s cup of tea. I like people who can have Idea-sex. Idea-sex termed by American author James Altoucher. He says we are now in the idea economy, and ideas are the new currency. I am not sure about the idea economy and no one else besides Altoucher have seconded the idea. But who wouldn’t like someone who comes up with brilliant ideas and can follow it through with solid work. With out follow through, ideas don’t have any strengths.

A important business lesson I learned from Hritik Roshan

I generally look down on Bollywood, but couldn’t resist following the Hritik and Kangana controversy.
Hritik’s interview with Choubey came out much better than his interview with Arnab. Here Hritik is much more free flowing and manages to shut up Choubey a few times.
The video at 54.15 where Hritik describes how Bollywood has the best of people and if people get hurt it is because they come with the wrong expectations.
I realised I get very angry at clients or prospects who make me stoop below my price point. I am offended like any other typical Indian when I am not given respect.

His analogy of how a bird collects bits and pieces from all over the place and then builds a home somewhere else was inspirational.

What do you think, who is lying Kangana or Hritik?

Check the video below


My Passion, My Mission and My Goals

My Passion –

I am in love with technology, particulalry internet technology. My focus is on affordable consumer technologies right now. The idea that technology can be a equaliser and democratise access to information is quite heartening. I want to see how we can transform each others lives with technology.

My mission –

I am pained by the way Mumbai is turning out. Instead of getting rid of potholes, people prefer to buy costlier cars. Instead of having better medical care people prefer to opt for the expensive healthcare solution. The state is pretty much saying that if you can afford it, you can have the quality of life fit for a decent living. Otherwise you are pretty much on your own.

I want to make cities better. I want our cities to offer better houses, efficient transportation, and safe and vibrant neighbourhoods.

My Goals

Leverage Technology to make city better. Make an Impact, increase brand recognition and reach..

Photo by Dan Gribbin on Unsplash

Who and why they sold you the idea of Entrepreneurship.

Who sold you the Entrepreneurial dream? Where did you hear it first time? Most of us are not even conscious of the fact where we first heard the word “Entrepreneur”. Did you hear it as a child, or did you hear it on TV ?

In India, organised corporate sector employs 11% of population. The rest are either running a small business or employed by small businesses.

Where and when did the Entrepreneurial dream begin?

To understand the roots of popularising entrepreneurship, we need to head back to the US of the 1980’s. Keynesian economics was being replaced with Neo-liberal economics. Jimmy Carter privatised airlines, banks, hospitals and host of institutions. Margaret Thatcher was also doing the same in UK. Bargaining power of trade unions were being “systematically” weakened. This was essential for Globalisation. The developed world first lost factory jobs. Manufacturing shifted to countries with cheaper labour. As that wasn’t enough, even the back end office jobs got outsourced.

Unemployment as a consequence of Globalisation

The result of this globalisation was loss of security of a stable jobs. Rise in productivity increases the salary of employees with specialised skills. But the commong man was losing his job. He had no social support, the neo-liberal wave had privatised every social benefit. The ordinary bloke went through sleepless nights. He kept awake thinking about how he is going to pay for his or his families medical bills in case of an emergency. He is now pissed.

To counter this anger and the inability of the government to create jobs. The neoliberal intellectuals made the helpless jobless person in to a loser. They sold him the idea, that if he didn’t have a job, he should become a entrepreneur. They suggested “the best help is self help”. They gave him new age propaganda bullshit that “you can create whatever you can imagine.”

Why did Indians buy the dream of Entrepreneurship ?

First of all Indian economics and media follow the US Template. Our ideology is western, at-least the popular culture. Also it suits the powers. After all elites are not nationalists.

But India has lot of Jobs?

I am not a economist, but India at this point in History has a youngest demographic in its population. We have much more youth waiting to enter the job market and many more competing to maintain their jobs. The Indian common man has no bargaining power with his employers like his counter parts in the west. Of-course we have a thriving middle class and the country is GDP is maintaining its pace. But unfortunately the GDP growth is not translating into “MORE JOBS”.

Narendra Modi and #makeinindia

Narendra Modi government wants to make Indian Manufacturing a tiger again. He is aware of the fact that 50% of Indians are not able to sustain themselves. The government has encouraged startups with its own start fund also.

What’s the point of this post?

I want to remove the rose tinted glasses which you view entrepreneurs. I find it ridiculous to see guys blushing when they talk about Elon Musk. The Government is washing its hand on their responsibility towards helping them. It is saying you help yourself, while we will do some kind of tokenism.

The Reality of the Entrepreneur.

Every small businessman I meet is telling the same story. He is spending too much time in administrative work. The government is arm twisting him, to collect taxes. while the big fishes maintain their unscrupulous stance. This is the reality of the ordinary Entrepreneur.