What is your North Star?

I saw a video of Alex Schultz who heads growth and analytics for Facebook talk about metrics and growth. He uses the analogy of a North Star. The founder of the startup steers the ship and should know the directions.

To sum up – The North Star is the most critical metric you should measure.

Various Metrics

The metric which is most valuable to your startup is contextual to your business. I have several metrics going on in my hyper-local venture. There is the most important one which is how much money the business makes? Data points are spread across social media, the various websites, support requests, advertising enquiry forms, etc. The metrics on Google analytics and social media can itself be very difficult to analyse.

My North Star Metric – Inbound Leads

I will measure the number of inbound leads I get from all platforms. i.e. 1) Social media 2) Website 3) Telephone calls 4) Referrals etc. Increasing this metric means I don’t need to spend time and efforts on marketing, sales and advertising. This would create a direct impact to the business volume growth. Once I measure and test where I am getting most of my leads, I would work backwards and try to make the process of these inbound leads generation smoother. These inbound leads are easier to measure, than the other metrics like social media engagements, content analysis, etc.

I have found my North Star, What’s your’s? 

A note on my first BYOB (Bring your own book) meet up.

After a long time, I enjoyed being in the same room (or terrace) with a bunch of people. On the verge of becoming a sociopath, I avoid meeting people in big groups but was quite relieved that I can stand or sit with strangers and enjoy myself.

Meeting the right kind of people in Mumbai is quite impossible nowadays. Most are too busy working on weekdays and spending time with their family on weekends.

The event at peacock store, which is about 3 minutes from my house. To be very honest I was more curious about the store than the event. However, I felt a few bibliophiles can’t do much damage, so I went along.

The event was well attended, and the venue ran out of chairs. Sitting right to me was an IIT researcher from Bangalore who is now in Powai a very soft-spoken and a sci-fi fan. The person on the left was from Goa and also into sci-fi. A little further to left was a guy from thane, who said he doesn’t read Indian authors, but hasn’t really figured out why.

Everyone was supposed to talk about the one or two books they were reading or recently read. What I realised was most of them were shy and spoke so softly that I could barely hear them. Additionally, the people said sorry to many times for any discomfort they might have caused.

I wondered why a lady who had a strong demeanor was so much into reading tragedy. I was a bit apprehensive that I would be judged for reading Indian authors like Kiran Nagarkar, but most of them were very positive. Jerry pinto seemed a favorite among Indian authors in this meet. People were raving about “Cobalt blue”.

Among the foreign authors, a couple of them were reading or read Neil Gaiman, but no one really liked his work. It seems he is popular, so he gets read.

Sci-fi author called Alan Moore, who I haven’t read at all seemed to be also very popular.

Anyway, that’s all I remember about my first BYOB meet.


Jen Beek / 500px

Could less sleep make you more productive?

Unsplash / Pexels

Yesterday I worked for 36 hours continuously with intermittent naps in between. I was so worked up, that I could doze of for like 20 minutes, get up and again start working. I never felt this driven.

Today morning after almost an 8.5-hour sleep, I feel driven to distraction, while writing this post I cannot focus. There is so much energy in me today, that I feel like making calls, replying to my social media feed and doing some other work instantaneously.

The feeling after a good night sleep is that I can conquer the world, but I cannot do it, because I am too distracted and don’t know where to begin.

In contrast, yesterday in a sleep-deprived state, I was so in the flow and focused on what I am doing, that I wouldn’t even bother if the house was on fire.

Earlier people would brag about working prolonged hours and being sleep deprived. I am not bragging about my lengthy hours; I am just pointing to that wonderful focused work zone where we all want to be in.

The new-age wisdom, stresses on having a good night sleep, the great Ariana Huffington has written a book on sleep deprivation.

I am not recommending you deprive yourself of sleep especially if you are into driving or doing manual work like using a machine. However, if you are a desk worker who can snatch a few winks, do try to deprive yourself and see if it helps you focus.

Virtual Reality the future of cinema.

I just woke up from a dream, and I am writing this blog post. In the dream, I met friends who I haven’t been able to keep in touch; we laughed, and we helped each other. I felt better. This is what virtual reality feels like.

Recently, I went to see a short seven-minute movie in VR (Virtual reality). I had no idea what VR is? As soon as the headset was put on, I was transformed from my drab room, into a music recording studio, where was the wall was painted with beautiful texture, they were a pet parrot and a grand piano with the musician playing and practicing his song. It felt amazing to be in such an opulent and creative environment. It was instant escapism.

Our lives are monotonous chasing sales figures and bank balances. We not only have to meet our expectations but live up to others IRL(In real life). However, in VR, you are in for a treat, I think VR is bringing fantasy to masses. It’s the next thing after the cinema.

The future of cinema is VR. Movies are going to be shot with VR cameras. It’s something like 3D but just much better quality.

After watching the VR movie for 3 minutes, I removed my headset. The mind took 5 minutes to adjust to the real life. You feel a bit nauseous and disoriented. The severity of the feeling takes around an hour to completely disappear.

I am very keen on experiencing VR sex. I wonder how it would be. Sex IRL is painful. You know what I mean?

I am not a gamer. I don’t get VR gaming, but then I have never tried that. What’s your experience in VR? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Zenda movie review

Amazon Prime
I have been enjoying my amazon prime membership 499/- year by watching movies on Amazon prime videos. Since I hate Bollywood and Hollywood the only genre I can watch is the Marathi movies. (Wish I could also understand other regional languages).


Pardon my maiden attempt at reviewing a movie. Zenda is based on the split of the Sena, where Raj goes out to make his own political party. But the focus is more on how it adversely impacted the followers or karyakarta’s rather than the inside story of the split which is mentioned in passé. The director probably was scared that his film would be banned if he shows either one in bad light.

The theme is how the split disillusioned the Marathi manoos while the newly formed party doesn’t adopt a anti-Muslim-Dalit ethos by including green and blue on its flag. The advice on flag colours it is shown is incidentally given by marketing firm. Also the original Sena loses its past radical ethos and changes to the disillusionment of its followers.


Overall a slick movie, which goes slow towards the end , but thankfully the movie is short enough. Loved the theme song which is hauntingly beautiful. (Embedding the you tube link below)

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