Virtual Reality the future of cinema.

I just woke up from a dream, and I am writing this blog post. In the dream, I met friends who I haven’t been able to keep in touch; we laughed, and we helped each other. I felt better. This is what virtual reality feels like.

Recently, I went to see a short seven-minute movie in VR (Virtual reality). I had no idea what VR is? As soon as the headset was put on, I was transformed from my drab room, into a music recording studio, where was the wall was painted with beautiful texture, they were a pet parrot and a grand piano with the musician playing and practicing his song. It felt amazing to be in such an opulent and creative environment. It was instant escapism.

Our lives are monotonous chasing sales figures and bank balances. We not only have to meet our expectations but live up to others IRL(In real life). However, in VR, you are in for a treat, I think VR is bringing fantasy to masses. It’s the next thing after the cinema.

The future of cinema is VR. Movies are going to be shot with VR cameras. It’s something like 3D but just much better quality.

After watching the VR movie for 3 minutes, I removed my headset. The mind took 5 minutes to adjust to the real life. You feel a bit nauseous and disoriented. The severity of the feeling takes around an hour to completely disappear.

I am very keen on experiencing VR sex. I wonder how it would be. Sex IRL is painful. You know what I mean?

I am not a gamer. I don’t get VR gaming, but then I have never tried that. What’s your experience in VR? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Zenda movie review

Amazon Prime
I have been enjoying my amazon prime membership 499/- year by watching movies on Amazon prime videos. Since I hate Bollywood and Hollywood the only genre I can watch is the Marathi movies. (Wish I could also understand other regional languages).


Pardon my maiden attempt at reviewing a movie. Zenda is based on the split of the Sena, where Raj goes out to make his own political party. But the focus is more on how it adversely impacted the followers or karyakarta’s rather than the inside story of the split which is mentioned in passé. The director probably was scared that his film would be banned if he shows either one in bad light.

The theme is how the split disillusioned the Marathi manoos while the newly formed party doesn’t adopt a anti-Muslim-Dalit ethos by including green and blue on its flag. The advice on flag colours it is shown is incidentally given by marketing firm. Also the original Sena loses its past radical ethos and changes to the disillusionment of its followers.


Overall a slick movie, which goes slow towards the end , but thankfully the movie is short enough. Loved the theme song which is hauntingly beautiful. (Embedding the you tube link below)

What do I do for a living?

I avoided the school re-union, why should I go and meet a bunch of idiots in Goregaon now that I am a Bandra Boy.

But then a couple of days back, I bumped into a school friend, he was in his new BMW. When one has been to school together, the eventual comparison of what we both have achieved so far will come up.
So he started his humble brag about his 200 crore business and the houses he owns. After I had heard him out. He said what do you do?

Now I said, I am in a hurry and I will tell him soon or write back to him. I took his email and phone number and pushed off.

This Blogpost is an attempt to tell the guy that though I dont have BMW and big houses in Mumbai, I am quite enjoying my life. (Which is a lie).

The truth is I am dreaming all the time of making it Big like him, but its so damn hard. But let me tell my school friend my story. There are 3 phases to my career.

First Phase


I was very proud to brag about how I employed 100’s of workers and never miss my manufacturing targets. How I built a factory which people called as White Elephant or a Taj Mahal.
But those glory days have gone and I had to create my own mark in this world.

Middle Phase

Events, Foreign Exchange & BPO

Thanks to a friend I got a brief exposure into events. Helped a friend Organise a beautiful Poetry & Jazz Event.
The foreign exchange and BPO things is nothing to write about.

Current Phase

Hyperlocal Media and Social Media

So I got into blogging in 2008, the same time I broke up with my girlfriend. All the energy which I was putting into the relationship was available to me. This was the start of my media empire (which pays me peanuts).
But regardless of the pay, I like to believe I want to be a media baron. Not that I particularly like to boast about this on a school alumni meet. But, I can give it a shot, however ludicrous this may sound. (The thing about stupid people is that they don’t know they are being stupid).
Some of the hyperlocal sites I run are , etc. One day I want to cover the entire Mumbai or the country is the dream.
Now I have been bootstrapping for last 7/8 years, but I right now I have no boots left. So I do whatever projects I get and chase financiers with begging bowls to fund my dream.

Outdoor Advertising Sales, Web development etc

To pay my Bandra rents, my friends were nice enough to give me some free lance work.


So dear school friend, I don’t have a house, I don’t even have a car. I cant say I am happy with my career. But there are 3 kinds of wealth you can get
1) Laxmi ( Financial)
2) Saraswati ( Knowledge)
3) Durga (Social)

I have spent last 8 years gathering knowledge and Power, at the cost of Laxmi. (sorry for this sad excuse).

I don’t know, if the knowledge and social contacts I have will lead to financial security. But If I make it to the next school re-union , you can assume I have laxmi, by my side.

Till then…

Children we gave away your jobs to Robots!

The first time, I felt like I should have got a job was when I was about 30 years old when a friend told me the salary of her boss. Till then I had no idea that one has to get a job for a living.

My father a technoprunuer told me that I should become an Engineer and then join business.
What my father didn’t realise is that being an Engineer is not good enough. After all he had worked for 15 years in various positions before taking the plunge in to business. A case of hindsight blindness perhaps?

I thought I had business in my blood and whatever I did would be right and I had some great luck to begin with. I was achieving the manufacturing targets. My over-confidence soared and touched ego-maniacal heights.

After dads death, hell broke out. The workers instigated a strike, close employees rebelled seeing a weak 26 year old boss. I managed to trudge along and the momentum of initial success carried me for over a decade.
A theft in the factory was the nemesis of my career as a owner of a factory. Once I was out of business I had no idea about how difficult it is to get that success. I am still learning.

I don’t know the formula of success. The macro-economic situation today is weird. The tech savvy millennials are with all the jobs.

There are also more than ever robots replacing humans in the work place. Generation “X” like us don’t stand a chance with the competitive millennials. Check this video by Sramana Mitra where she talks about the future of Jobs. She predicts that in 50 years 60% of jobs would become automated or taken over by bots. The wealth would become concentrated at the tip of the Pyramid. Governments would then have no choice but to give “Universal Basic Income”.

If you think this wont happen in India, then you might be wrong. L&T retrenched about 14000 employees since April and it has digitised its operations.

So all those parents preparing their children for jobs, this post is a warning. What skills would you impart to your children, if jobs get automated or taken over by bots. Is entrepreneurship the answer. Could micro internet entrepreneurs like me ride the tide to a safer shore? Would automation be an enabler rather than a liability?

I am hedging my bets for automation. I would love to automate the sales process of my business. I don’t have the capital to hire employees. My business doesnt have the scale to attract VC’s so automation will save me from doom.

What an Irony!

How I manage my tasks

You know there are thousands and thousands of articles on productivity, and I might have read a few thousands of pieces. So here is my take on how to manage tasks. Maybe you will find some wisdom in this? (Leave comments)

Ok, first I classify the task into mainly two types

1) Algorithmic Tasks
2) Heuristic Tasks
3) Dated Tasks
4) Location Based Tasks

An algorithmic task is simple straight forward for, e.g., – Call XYZ or email ABC

For, e.g., – Imagine you are a dog, and your Boss is your master who throws a ball in front of you and asks you to fetch it. Simple right? Yes, that’s an algorithmic task.

A Heuristic task is a complex task, it includes a lot of googling, thinking, and finding the best method to do the same, knowing that there could be an even better way to do that task, but you are running out of time.

For Eg – If you are a dog, and your boss says he has thrown a rubber ball, and you have to jump into the ocean and retrieve a golden ball in record time because he is calculating ROI

Warning – If you are are accepting any new project, try to gauge what would be the proportion of algorithmic and heuristic tasks, if the percentage of heuristic tasks are higher, you should demand higher pay from your client.

Dated Task – These are the task, which only gets activated on a particular date, like paying your broadband or electricity bill.

Location based Task – These are tasks which are location dependent, for, e.g., you are travelling next week to Pune, and you need to do a few things to do there. So this folder contains that task. Task managers like Todoist have a GPS based Task Manager, which reminds you of a task when you reach a particular location automatically.

I use an app called todoist to manage these two types of tasks.

I also use another task management app called Meistertask to manage my tasks filtered on the basis on projects. Task by projects comes 2nd in my task completion workflow; my first attack is always tasks based on the above four criteria.

Also use email folders to file emails if there is task associated with it, many email apps like Airmail have an integration with todoist where you can assign a task straight from your email client.

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