Can advertisers use brand “Gandhi” free of cost?

When I saw a few ads of apple and airtel using Gandhi in their value statement advertisement. I felt that they need to pay a royalty to the Gandhi Trust. If the photographer can get paid then the Gandhi Trust should also get paid. Here is a twitter discussion with Prashant.

  1. The Query

  2. Why do all corporates use Gandhi on their promo video’s, even apple did in 1998. I hope they are paying @TusharG royalty.
  3. This reply by Tushar Gandhi, confirms he (being a direct descendant) or Gandhi Trust is not paid by corporations who have used MKG image for brand building. 
  4. Prashant Argues very rightly that the Publisher of these images own the rights. Follow the entire discussion. 
  5. @manojnayak pictures wud mostly be owned by getty/reuters. Apple wud’ve paid them. Why wud they pay anyone but the copyright owners?
  6. @prashantdr you are right. But not fair. Suppose a corporate uses Tendulkars picture, clicked by someone, Sachin w sue for sure! I think.
  7. @manojnayak yr still missing the point. The photographer owns the picture (or the co he sells it to, like Getty) not the person being shot
  8. @prashantdr i get your point, but the person whose picture has been used help define the brand position. So its not the artistic quality ..
  9. @prashantdr of the picture but the person who is in the picture who help the branding of the corporation. UNLESS the photographer contd
  10. has a written contract from (in this case) Gandhi (Trust) permission to do so for commercial purpose.
  11. @prashantdr legally they might be correct, but its unfair to exploit Brand Gandhi particularly by brands like Apple and Airtel.
  12. @prashantdr particularly if the original intent of the picture was for some news item. In this case the agency who owns the right is at faul
  13. @manojnayak brands *do* use ckter’s images out of line when they “congratulate” them. Don’t see anything out of line in Gandhi’s img though
  14. @manojnayak he’s a public figure and so long as the picture isn’t protected, well within rights to use them
  15. Tushar Gandhi’s reply to this discussion. 
  16. @manojnayak according to international law they require NOC from legal heirs.
  17. Sir, I am assuming they have not got the same. RT @tusharg: @manojnayak according to international law they require NOC from legal heirs.

Pocket expense

This is one of the most wonderful iPad app for tracking your expenses, income, balancing your bank accounts or setting up budgets. The is a free version, which lets you do a few entries, the paid version is 4.99 usd. Need less to say absolutely worth it. Please get it, if you are looking at getting your finances all in one place.


“The Mumbai Mega Project” by Ashish Puntambekar

Here is an interesting presentation by Ashish Puntamberkar. I don’t believe Mumbai is dying as Ashish says, people die, places don’t die, and the old gives in to you. But we certainly could well do with better Infrastructure! I was trying to find someone who really cares and also capable of visualizing such a change, Ashish Puntambekar is one such visionary. Check out this video below

Some Features of this Project are

1 Provides free housing, affordable education and healthcare for 9 Million slum-dwellers based on the dwelling concept

2. Provides better & faster Transport : 210 Km of Underground Subway … 60 % Reduction in Network Loa

3. Repays , the entire US $ 46 Billion debt of Maharashtra State as a single bulletpayment to deliver a debt free state by 2014

4. Transforms Mumbai into a large International Financial Centre : Creates two new financial centres and & Other Amenities … Universities etc

5. Invests US $ 40 Billion in Rural Education and another US $ 50 Billion in Rural health ( Total $ 90 Bn ) … to implement President Kalam’s PURA Model…thereby preventing Rural Migration to Indian cities.In addition the project will finance an additional 30,000 check dams in Marathwada and Vidharbha to raise water tables and will build a huge Ring Corridor in Maharashtra ( Mumbai – Nashik – Nagpur- Gadchiroli – Nanded – Pune Mumbai )

6. Applies principles of Intelligent Urbanism to create large open spaces, recreation facilities and culture facilities in Mumbai that will rival the worlds leading cities

7. Finally … the project will catalyze a tripling of the city’s GDP by 2018 and … by 2024, Mumbai’s GDP will exceed Singapore’s current GDP @ $ 310.69 Billion

Shopping Online for groceries and fruits.

 A skill which men are not biologically evolved at, add to that paucity of time, leads to new ways to shop. Welcome to online grocery store, Shop for greens, veges, fruits and while you are at it, look at some mouth watering Namkeens too.

Recently, I have stopped going to grocery shop, first a man feels very odd, buying vegetables, it is just clumsy. Yes, once in a while a man might feel metro-sexual and go to buy vegetables, but not everyday, women are biologically endowed to shop (gathering fruits and berries), while men are hunters or farmers. 🙂

FeshnDaily and are the two sites I have started to depend on to save me the clumsy job of buying groceries and vegetables. The less we depend on women for our needs the more pure our love will be, I believe.

Next Aim: To shop for a pair of Jeans Online.