If you are a blogger, who is your real customer?

Suppose you run a few blogs like I do and make revenue out of ad sales or content streaming from your blogs.

Now you have 2 bosses (customers) one is your visitors and the second is the sponsor or advertiser. While the visitor doesn’t pay to access your content while the advertiser uses your media to reach your demographics.

Also being a blogger means you are constrained and don’t have a sales team to pursue the advertisers for more ad revenue. So in this case would you focus on getting more revenue or more visitors (quality and quantity) to your website.

Personally I have never focused much on the advertisers. Don’t do sales calls nor solicit clients for advertising money. I focus on my demographics visitors.

But I am planning to change strategy soon, shift focus on advertisers instead of the community. But the objective would be to serve the community better.

What about you?


How to set up a free ecommerce store in India?


I read an article saying about ” How to set up a free ecommerce store in India, and all it had listed was magneto and why shouldnt one use it. I think it was a lame article.

If you google “OPEN SOURCE SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE” you will get many results on the first page, all of these results give you a Open-source ready to use software which can be installed into your hosting.

I recommend the following three softwares to create your dream ecoomerce site and get your business online at little or nocost.


I have tried OPENCART it is wonderful, it can be localised and its bloody free, because its OPEN SOURCE!!


I have seen one of my client using this software and these guys are IIT ians and they have made a fabulous website out of this.


If you are like me who love wordpress and want the familarity of wordpress then you should check the woocommerce plugin (which is free) or a woocommerce free theme. They have paid themes also if you are ready to spend. I am using the woo-commerce plugin in one of my site and it is convenient when you dont want a full fledged store front but still have a few products you can retail via your blog.

Why I love being in media business.

I am a media guy. This means I don’t take sides, I am always witnessing events, people and things I need to write about. I am never opinionated, i put all opinions on the table. If someone asks me to favour them, I excuse myself and say, hey I am a media person, I cannot takes sides, everyone is equal for me. My integrity and impartial dissemination of news and information is what gives me my livelihood, I cannot renege on that, Can I ?

Being a witness is the greatest joys in life and if you do that as a profession, is absolute bliss.