If you are a blogger, who is your real customer?

Suppose you run a few blogs like I do and make revenue out of ad sales or content streaming from your blogs.

Now you have 2 bosses (customers) one is your visitors and the second is the sponsor or advertiser. While the visitor doesn’t pay to access your content while the advertiser uses your media to reach your demographics.

Also being a blogger means you are constrained and don’t have a sales team to pursue the advertisers for more ad revenue. So in this case would you focus on getting more revenue or more visitors (quality and quantity) to your website.

Personally I have never focused much on the advertisers. Don’t do sales calls nor solicit clients for advertising money. I focus on my demographics visitors.

But I am planning to change strategy soon, shift focus on advertisers instead of the community. But the objective would be to serve the community better.

What about you?



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How I helped a teen purchase a Macbook Pro

My favourite pass-time is walking in to a apple or chroma store and drooling at Bose or Apple objects of lust. I go to these shops atleast once a week, the sales people ignore me bigtime.

Here I was all focussed on this Macbook Air and so were 3 other people. They were 3 generations of the same family out to purchase a macbook. The 3 people comprised of a 4 feet tall something teenage girl, a greying mother, and a greyed grand mother. Nice well to do wholesome gujju family which I love.

The impatient teenage girl was hell bent on buying the 11 inch Macbook air, and was arguing that with the student discount she would get it in the budget allotted to her. The grandmother was wise and was insisting that she at-least ask someone before she does the impulse buying. The teen insisted that she knew what she wanted and was checking herself in her mothers eyes with the macbook air already nestled in her thin arms.

In the meantime I had poked my nose right in middle. But yet they wouldn’t ask me for help!!!I then decided to flash my broadest geeky smile. It worked, the teen blurted out to me, I know what I want, but i cannot decide if I should go for an Macbook Air or Macbook Pro? I sneaked in the centre and the 3 people formed a circle around me. A perfect vantage position for them eh?

The mother and the grandmother seemed to be relaxed at seeing my gestured talking, i looked like a Pro salesman. The teen said she was going to study architecture and was looking at doing some heavy computing.

I advised her to opt for the Macbook Pro cause it had a Harddrive where she could store files, music, movies and her Architecture software would run a bit faster on a Pro, meanwhile a Air would be more suitable for a business executive on the move. The teen suddenly was convinced by this argument and now had switched positions and was seen pitching to her mom and granny the Macbook Pro. I am sure she will succeed in her mission.

Meanwhile I just pray I gave her the right advise. It feels great to be of help! Iam just a bit worried as I never used a Macbook!!

Just Kids by Patti Smith

Just KidsJust Kids by Patti Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nice to discover Robert Mapplethorpe though Patti Smith’s eues, however biased, Richard was truly great artist and sweet human being. Loved the fact how they gave each other so much space in their relationship. true lovers & soulmates.Peace to Patti.

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