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The best note taking app for bloggers

This is the best note taking app for iPad or iPhone. The moment I saw a video of the app I knew I couldn’t go to sleep w/o buying this app.The app stands about because of its smooth word processor and also it sync’s with Dropbox, Evernote and iCloud.

Yesterday there were some crashing issues on the iPad and I had to reinstall the app and now it is working fine today.

You can insert tables, pictures and create lists and use bold text headers with the swipe of a finger.

So go for it, it would cost you Rs 620/- and Iam sure, the price is only going to go higher.

Here is video review of the app here


The ultimate cost effective last mile urban transport solution.

If you are looking at travelling about 3/5 kms per day to work or a cafe, where the distance is too long for a walk and too short for a drive. Then you need a last mile urban transport solution instead of waiting for a rickshaw.

Here is my review of oxelo town 7 kick scooter, which i purchased for Rs 6000/- (which included a Rs 2000 discount) available at sportxs online.

PS : The kick scooter weighs only 5.5 kgs, you can easily carry with one hand or it has a shoulder strap to carry for long distances.


If you are a blogger, who is your real customer?

Suppose you run a few blogs like I do and make revenue out of ad sales or content streaming from your blogs.

Now you have 2 bosses (customers) one is your visitors and the second is the sponsor or advertiser. While the visitor doesn’t pay to access your content while the advertiser uses your media to reach your demographics.

Also being a blogger means you are constrained and don’t have a sales team to pursue the advertisers for more ad revenue. So in this case would you focus on getting more revenue or more visitors (quality and quantity) to your website.

Personally I have never focused much on the advertisers. Don’t do sales calls nor solicit clients for advertising money. I focus on my demographics visitors.

But I am planning to change strategy soon, shift focus on advertisers instead of the community. But the objective would be to serve the community better.

What about you?