Got a warning for a defamation suit.

Well, I am quite active on social media, and I tweet a lot, and I Retweet a lot. Also, I share a lot of articles and videos.

Who would have thought that one could get a lawyer calling up warning you with a defamation suit, because a video I shared, straight from youtube (w/o any personal input would tantamount to libel)?

Yes, it might be possible, so If you are an active social media person and have strong opinions and are trigger happy on the RT’s and likes, here are some section in the IT acts relating to defamation you should know.


Section 79 of the Information Technology Act 2000 [Amended in 2008] (the ‘IT Act’) provides for an exemption to an intermediary

IBA – Intermediary liability under Indian law: Twitter


In India, the defamation law protects the reputation of a person. According to section 499 of the Indian Penal Code 1860 (the ‘Penal Code’), anything that has been put in writing, either in electronic form or print form, which is not true and offends an individual, will amount…

IBA – Intermediary liability under Indian law: Twitter


A retweet of a false and defamatory tweet is also not immune from legal action. Just as the tweeter is liable if the tweet is defamatory, untrue and cannot be defended, so the retweeter will be liable. A retweet amounts to a further publication, as if the retweeter has made…

Exposing libel myths surrounding Twitter and other social media
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Top 5 people to follow for extremely good music recommendations on my timeline. #FF

Well, instead of just giving usual #FF recommendation, I have decided to blog it. These are the people on my timeline, who make it musical, they tweet links to good music all the time, day or night. Follow these people for some good music streaming into your timeline from regular to intermittent intervals.

1) @Dneha She is very prolific, I think her day time job is listening to and curating music, anyway thats just a guess. Follow her for some extremely listenable music with good rhythm and tune.



2) @Wearabout He is a fashion photographer and his recent project was/is documenting street fashion. Check his blog for some awesome interviews of enviably beautiful and intelligent people. He has a eclectic taste when it come to music. Do follow him.



3) @MilenaVlada A fashion journalist, who reads philosophy big time. She listens to some niche music, mostly European. Get some good music on your TL. Follow her.



4) @Aishwarya_N I have often fallen instantly in love with all the music she tweets, only an exception to a couple of tweets, which were a bit like exercise music. Maybe its got to do with her new passion for fitness. Follow her.



5) @madhulikamathur The rock lady discovers music and sometimes they are exceptionally good. Though not tweeting all the time you tube music links, when she is in a mood, it can feel pretty good following the playlist.


Crazy Midnight Buffet discussion

  1. krinuuu
    Only good thing about them is they are cheap. “@manojnayak: Anyone like the idea of a midnight buffet?”
  2. manojnayak
    @krinuuu @shayne_dsouz unfortunately I don’t see many reviews on food sites for midnight buffets!
  3. shayne_dsouz
    @manojnayak @krinuuu that is probably because few people try them out! I’ve been to Marine Plaza and Mirador, Marine Plaza scores highly
  4. krinuuu
    @manojnayak you can trust @shayne_dsouz review of Marine Plaza ;-). I generally avoid midnight ones coz feel its all left over
  5. manojnayak
    @krinuuu sure, will do. I would love to go clubbing and then end up w a midnight buffet follower by a walk on marine drive. @shayne_dsouz
  6. krinuuu
    @manojnayak @shayne_dsouz how romantic 😉 if you want to end it with Marine Drive, then Marine Plaza is d best option considering proximity
  7. shayne_dsouz
    @manojnayak @krinuuu that is what people do, have fun at Geoffrey’s and then head upstairs to the buffet
  8. manojnayak
    @krinuuu cool, orchid at airport has decent midnight buffet fare, sure eager to try marine plaza! @shayne_dsouz
  9. shayne_dsouz
    @krinuuu @manojnayak ohh! always wanted to try their buffet, I’ve heard Westin does a good buffet, not been there though !
  10. krinuuu
    @manojnayak I tried Sahara Star once which was decent. Not extra ordinary but good. @shayne_dsouz
  11. krinuuu
    @shayne_dsouz @manojnayak for late night dinner if i am in town i any day prefer Zaffarran over mid night buffets. Love the food there
  12. shayne_dsouz
    @krinuuu @manojnayak Zaffran is awesome, I used to love Bade Miyan but the crowd and food suck now a days!!! 😦
  13. krinuuu
    @shayne_dsouz @manojnayak yup i second ur opinion on bade miyans. Zaff ambience is super romantic and not too crowded post 12 & open till 4

Twitter as cheap therapy tool.


What makes one feel good?

1) Writing our thoughts down, so we can organise our thoughts and find out what is troubling us.
2) Someone listening to Us, well mostly listening, without judging, and someone times sharing their own experiences, from where we can draw some inspiration or a sense of camaraderie.

Well, today something was bothering me, and i decided to let out on twitter. I sent about 5/6 tweets. You can read them here

Immediately after tweeting the same, I felt calmer, as part of the problem has been thrown out in the virtual universe.

I see many tweets on my TL, often expressing the pain over a break up, yes it always break-ups, other problems are still taboo on the social media or maybe I am following to many young hearts 😉

I don’t recommend that one uses twitter as therapy always, but it sure does work!

Let me know, if twitter has helped you as a therapy tool, maybe the virtual medium can have more value than just an information disseminating tool?

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5 reasons why I mute people on Twitter

I have been on Twitter for 3 years and from my experience I have realised that its anti-social to unfollow people who diligently follow you, even though they might be very stupid and often refer to you behind your back as a sociopath.

But thanks to the brand new Twitter app for IOS called Tweetbot, I can mute people for designated period of time.

Below is my TOP 5 reason to mute people!

1) Boy Friend Baiting: There are groups of girls (read unmarried) who want to skim the milk for the cream, they usually have followers in excess of 5000, and they constantly tweet about the great fun they are having, they also carry books in their bag titled ” How to seduce a bank account” or ” How to rinse a bank account dry”. Eligible guys like me need to mute these temptresses from time to time.

2) The Beautiful DP woman : She has the most beautiful photoshopped picture, which sexually excites you when you see her tweet on the TL. Since I am clued on to twitter 24×7 it would be risky for me to stay in a perpetual sexually excited state 24×7. So i mute them on and off!

3) The pimp my product person: Everyone is on twitter for a reason, but there are some people who pimp their articles like 48 times a day! These people are generally who misuse their social media brand value and abuse the noobs. I mute them for extended duration.

4) The Mass Media Junkie – Some tweeple finally know the safest thing to talk about is a trending topic, they latch on to it, like a insecure, aged actor does to a TV role. They tweet incessantly and with quotes and comments. I mute them for weeks, and unmute them only when Iam ready to come out from under my rock.

5) Sports: Unfortunately my parents never encouraged me to take up any kind os Sports, and I just don’t understand video games or physical activities like cycling and gymming. These people’s life revolve around eating and exercising and repeating the same on the loop at 156 bpm. I look down on them, as people who are trapped in body consciousness. I mute them, and unmute them only if I feel the need for inspiration to exercise.