Is METOO also about a share of bigger pie ?

I have been following closely the #metoo movement on twitter. There were some #metoo cases which were mover like drunk sex or bad sex stories. Some stories like Alok Nath and M J Akbar were very serious. What I observed that even the most authentic feminist was also basking on the RT and likes she was getting.

Elitist Movement

Well, we are all human and there is nothing wrong with it. As you know the movement has been labelled as Elitist. We also know that these so called Elitist woman have the responsibility of earning their own living. In Urban India, most of the couples are double income families. To pay the bills in this age of inflation, both husband wives have to earn.

The women are also under extreme stress to earn a living. If she is single than God help her. She has to pay her rents and gym fees also. It is no surprise that these working women are angry on the bro’s whose cash registers are ringing. These bro’s have money and woman until he is outed in a #metoo story.

Blind Spot

What most women don’t realise and are blinded that this is also a phase when there are more people applying for Jobs. Since there are more people who are in a job. The salary which would be given to one person is now divided in two or three. For people who cannot afford that pitiful salary there is the gig economy, where you don’t know when the next gig is coming.

Demographic Catastrophe

India will soon have more than 50% of the population below the age of 25. Women will be under pressure to get a job. The anger at men who will stop her at doing so is going to increase. To add to this by 2035 or is it 2050 half the population is going to live in cities.

How do we diffuse this situation

It’s a global trend. Why didn’t #metoo happen in the 60’s and the 70’s when one earning member could support the family? No there is not going to be a war between men and women, but we are certainly going to see a lot of single men and single women with broken hearts around.

Keep Personal and Professional Away in wake of metoo

The entire #metoo movement got me thinking. Most of the transgressions had appeared at the workplace because the personal/professional space was not respected.

If only people knew that someone who calls you for a drink and dinner late in the night, might also start thinking to try a few tricks.

As the saying goes.

Temptation comes often but opportunity comes seldom.

Social shaming on Social media Rules

Your voices are stifled for long. Social Media has given you the power to be finally heard. You don’t need access to a media mogul now and you can do social shaming all by yourself.

Here are some basic rules you need to follow, below destroying someone’s reputation by social shaming.

Let me cite a sample tweet.

Tweet — “ I want to kill anyone who call me a creep”

Jumping to conclusion and Social Shaming.

Now this person, is being stifled and you shouldn’t come to the following conclusions.

1. He is a Psycopath because he wants to kill someone.

You can ask the following questions to decide this.

Has he threathened you or any person you know off. Is he history sheeter?


2. Oh, since he doesn’t like to be called a creep, let’s call him one or maybe he is one.

Same goes for this one. Has the person creeped you out ?


In short, if you personally (directly or indirectly) have no information about this person, you are in no way harmed. Then you have “no skin in the game”.

If you still decide to defame the person, you are don’t have clarity on the cause. You are cashing #metoo moment because your voice is more powerful than his.

So, use restraint and let the real issues come to the fore.

However your gut instinct tells you to go ahead and shame the person. You feel you will be doing the moment a favour. Then another rule should be followed. This is below.

if you have same chance of losing your reputation or credibility than you have skin in the game.

If you still don’t understand skin in the game concept, you can read Taleb book on the same.

Twitter is on fire with the India #metoo moment. Some of the sensible voices are here. Men also need to be defended an have a right to justice. Read them here

Got a warning for a defamation suit.

Well, I am quite active on social media, and I tweet a lot, and I Retweet a lot. Also, I share a lot of articles and videos.

Who would have thought that one could get a lawyer calling up warning you with a defamation suit, because a video I shared, straight from youtube (w/o any personal input would tantamount to libel)?

Yes, it might be possible, so If you are an active social media person and have strong opinions and are trigger happy on the RT’s and likes, here are some section in the IT acts relating to defamation you should know.


Section 79 of the Information Technology Act 2000 [Amended in 2008] (the ‘IT Act’) provides for an exemption to an intermediary

IBA – Intermediary liability under Indian law: Twitter


In India, the defamation law protects the reputation of a person. According to section 499 of the Indian Penal Code 1860 (the ‘Penal Code’), anything that has been put in writing, either in electronic form or print form, which is not true and offends an individual, will amount…

IBA – Intermediary liability under Indian law: Twitter


A retweet of a false and defamatory tweet is also not immune from legal action. Just as the tweeter is liable if the tweet is defamatory, untrue and cannot be defended, so the retweeter will be liable. A retweet amounts to a further publication, as if the retweeter has made…

Exposing libel myths surrounding Twitter and other social media
By Niri Shan on


Top 5 people to follow for extremely good music recommendations on my timeline. #FF

Well, instead of just giving usual #FF recommendation, I have decided to blog it. These are the people on my timeline, who make it musical, they tweet links to good music all the time, day or night. Follow these people for some good music streaming into your timeline from regular to intermittent intervals.

1) @Dneha She is very prolific, I think her day time job is listening to and curating music, anyway thats just a guess. Follow her for some extremely listenable music with good rhythm and tune.



2) @Wearabout He is a fashion photographer and his recent project was/is documenting street fashion. Check his blog for some awesome interviews of enviably beautiful and intelligent people. He has a eclectic taste when it come to music. Do follow him.



3) @MilenaVlada A fashion journalist, who reads philosophy big time. She listens to some niche music, mostly European. Get some good music on your TL. Follow her.



4) @Aishwarya_N I have often fallen instantly in love with all the music she tweets, only an exception to a couple of tweets, which were a bit like exercise music. Maybe its got to do with her new passion for fitness. Follow her.



5) @madhulikamathur The rock lady discovers music and sometimes they are exceptionally good. Though not tweeting all the time you tube music links, when she is in a mood, it can feel pretty good following the playlist.