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The story of the Fox and the white rabbit By Mateja Klaric

Our relationships are are biggest teachers. In one of the spiritual classes I attended. The teacher used to often say , that our lover/partner is our biggest master. The lover/wife/partner is in our life to teach us the most valuable life lessons.

Cutting back to this story. The theme of this story is an analogy of this classic problem. Our relationships are so testing. The deeper are our relationships the more they test us. They help us to grow. Either we cop out or stay put.

This story is all about our relationships. Sometimes we feel powerful like the fox and sometimes we feel like the rabbit giving our best and sacrificing ourselves to our lover.

Happy to know there is more to come in the series and would be interested to know how the author navigates from here on.

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Zenda movie review

Amazon Prime
I have been enjoying my amazon prime membership 499/- year by watching movies on Amazon prime videos. Since I hate Bollywood and Hollywood the only genre I can watch is the Marathi movies. (Wish I could also understand other regional languages).


Pardon my maiden attempt at reviewing a movie. Zenda is based on the split of the Sena, where Raj goes out to make his own political party. But the focus is more on how it adversely impacted the followers or karyakarta’s rather than the inside story of the split which is mentioned in passé. The director probably was scared that his film would be banned if he shows either one in bad light.

The theme is how the split disillusioned the Marathi manoos while the newly formed party doesn’t adopt a anti-Muslim-Dalit ethos by including green and blue on its flag. The advice on flag colours it is shown is incidentally given by marketing firm. Also the original Sena loses its past radical ethos and changes to the disillusionment of its followers.


Overall a slick movie, which goes slow towards the end , but thankfully the movie is short enough. Loved the theme song which is hauntingly beautiful. (Embedding the you tube link below)

Heads up for jbl flip blue tooth speakers

If you consume lot of media via your phone, iPad for MacBook then we all know the speakers on these devices are not loud enough.

I needed a some speakers for my room which won’t be too loud, but still be loud enough and sound like room speakers plus I wanted it to be Bluetooth compatible.

I scouted around and was looking around for a while, my mind was made up for a Bose portable which costs about Rs 20000/- and the bigger one which is around Rs 50000/- . But before I put up so much money over something which I didn’t really need, I decided to go for a rather cheap jbl flip Bluetooth speakers.

Iam quite blow away, it’s loud, it’s compact, I carry it in my car, it turns into mobile speaker phone when I’m driving and as a cost of Rs 5000/- . After getting this piece I don’t think I would be needing the expensive Bose ones for now. Btw it also an a auxiliary input so you can connect to any of your devices.


Review of Btwin folding bike.

I wanted a bicycle, no not any, but a folding one, i wanted a bike which I can not get tired if I have to lift and carry or put in the car.

So lets get to the btwin folding bike.

Looks :

The bike is absolute stunner and its fun to see people in cars checking you and the bike out.  The reactions i get on the street which i have received have convinced me, this btwin folding bicycle cannot help but turn heads.

I am even considering sticking a sticker saying “Yes, my other car is also a porche”


Some of the flattering and sometimes irritating reactions i have received are as below.

1) Are you from foreign? – Some school children.
( This was most flattering reaction, I asked the kids whether they think this bike is from a foreign, they said, no, they seriously meant if Iam a foreigner” ) How did they think a dark skinned guy can be a foreigner, is what baffles me though. I look so Indian, that one cannot call me a foreigner in their sleep. The kids really wanted to flatter me. Oops Racist alert!

2) The bike is cool – shouts a college going teenager at carter road and waves.

3) What is the price of the bike?

4) What is the top speed the bike reaches?

5) Beggars and street urchins instead of asking for money or food, ask for a ride. It gladdens me, that they have some childhood left in them.

Anyway, it came to point where i started getting irritated, every person wants to know the details as to where they can buy the same. It amazes me, that people are so deprived? Well haven’t they googled? It also makes me sometimes feel that am i so disconnected with the mainstream? Why do i feel everyone should know how to google and find the details about the bike.

Price :

Rupess 13999/- Yes thats a steal, looking back at the performance, and 6 speed shimano gears!

Build & Ride Quality –

It might not be the best looking one, in the foldable category like dahon or fomas. But this is the cheapest best looking , very good build quality bike. If price is a issue, this is the folding bike you should go for. I ride about 10 kms on an average everyday, and the bike has never tired me down.