Multi-Tasking is better for Productivity

I am sure, I am the only person who claims that Multi-Tasking is better for Productivity. This may be my subjective truth of what I witnessed. We all know, time management is a defunct concept, the state of art of productivity expert will tell you, you need to manage your energy instead of your time. _Before I explain how multi-tasking made me more productive, let me post a brief on energy management._

Energy Management

The idea is you match the task or the thing you want to accomplish by matching your energy. Suppose you are most productive and focusses in the from 4 pm to 6 pm like me, then do the task with most complexity at that time.

How Multi-tasking makes me more productive.

I used to believe like the traditional wisdom suggests do one thing at a time. This got my brain very tired. I would feel bored or sleepy with focussing on one task at a time.

Why I felt bored and sleepy while single-tasking

The thing is when I am focussing on one task, they are persistent knocks on my brain reminding of ideas, and inspirations at the threshold. If I don’t listen to these persistent knocks of ideas and inspiration while trying to focus on the most important task. My brain gets tired because those ideas and inspiration are consuming my mental energy while I am trying to ignore them. So let those ideas and inspirations come in and possess you. Now ideas excite us and all those tiredness of the mind is history as the energy that was held back is now free and you are taking actions on the ideas and inspirations knocking in your brain while you were focussing on the single task. This has made me quite a difference to my workflow. I feel I am able to tick off more work in a day and I am moving towards my goals faster than when I was single-tasking. This blogpost idea came to me when I was reading an article on Economy and drinking my latte.

Please note – This multi-tasking habit of mine is just a week old. So results might take some time to show up

Photographer: Andreas Klassen | Source: Unsplash

The Flow zone

I am sitting in a cafe, the Air-condioner is at just the right temperature, there was some Beatles playlist playing which has been stopped now and there is this silence which feels odd.

Though I can see people from my pheripheral vision, a couple is just leaving the cafe. But I am in a state of flow. I am not distracted. My body is at ease, and I am completely focused on what I am writing. In fact I have been in this “Flow State” for last 2 hours and managed to tick of a few tasks off my list which I have been procrastinating. In this state of mind, I feel no tasks is difficult, I can do anything I want. Programming, music, writing, coding.

The problem is getting into this state is rather difficult. It happens at a certain place and at the certain time. It is when you are not too hungry or not too stuffed. The Ying and Yang is balanced. People who can stay in this state for longer periods can write books, become virtuoso and do all the deep work to become the super-human genius mankind produces once in a while.

If you struggle with your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your work. I recommend you try to deep work by getting into the “flow state”.

Flow state can be achieved by

  1. Do what you love even when your house in burning down.
  2. Say fuck you to all your problems and do what you love or love what you need to do.
  3. Find a comfortable place, but don’t be too hungry, or eat too much.
  4. Make sure, you empty your mind of mundane issues by organizing your workflow. So you can focus only on what you need to do.
  5. Flow state can only be achieved alone but one can achieve it during sex or deep intimate close dance.

Getting out of my comfort zone

I am very bothered by this book by Robin Sharma. It is irritating the fuck out of me! This blogpost is an attempt to vent out.

I hate every word of the book, but still I am painfully trying to read the crap Mr. Robin Sharma has written. The reason why I hate the book 5am Club is the following

  1. It is a terrible cliche and badly written peice of shit.
  2. It is forcing me out of my comfort zone.

So I am in this terrible place, where if i read this badly written book, I will be the bigger loser than Mr. Sharma and if the reason is number 2, that I am avoiding to read the book because it challenges me to get out of my comfort zone. As one of the primary purpose i picked up the book was I want to get the fuck out of my comfort zone. I am sick of the comfort zone!

Now I think I can get deeper than Mr. Robin Sharma

What is a comfort zone?

What if I am already living too much out of my comfort zone?

How does Mr. Sharma know that I am about to be eaten up by a blue whale and will dissolve in the whale stomach acid in minutes?


The blog has achieved it’s aim of venting out on Mr Sharma and his silly book. I feel like I should troll him by writing a book called 3:30 am Club!

Any publishers here would like to give me an advance?

Decision Fatigue

I have been planning to buy a Shampoo Bottle for 3 months. It is not available on Amazon, and local stores don’t have it in stock. They have recommended I go to a bigger shop down the block, but I have been busy.

Now, Should I buy another brand of Shampoo and risk losing what is left of my crowning glory. These are the small decision which bog me down. These small decisions are the toughest. Another area where I have severe decision fatigue is what goes inside my stomach.

Some meal gives me acidity, some meal makes me feel bloated. As a consequence, I eat a shawarma dinner twice a week, twice a week I skip dinner and snack it out.

I have decided to keep a decision journal from today.

A meditation on Focus

Doing deep meaningful focussed work brings you joy

Man, I just cannot focus. The joy of doing deep focussed work also know as “flow” is lost for me. Up until now, I just didn’t think I had the tools to focus deep work.

But recently I have discovered some wonderful productivity tools like taskheat which helps me plan my projects by breaking it down in to a flow chart. But before you can focus, you need to know what the hell should you focus on. It shouldn’t happen that you focus on some project and then after wasting years you regret it. I am using Airfous for prioritisation.

Once I am decided on the one task I need to accomplish, I use one of the most simplistic app called Flowlist. This app is just amazing to just focus on that one thing you need to dig deep into.

I am an advanced app user. I have never been able to use a paper to jot down my ideas. I am a digital first inspite of belonging to Zen X. If you have been doing this on paper, you are miles ahead of me. But I am catching up soon on getting focussed and experiencing the joy of deep meaningful work.