App review – Studio Studio (Android, iOS) (Free / $3.99)

The only workout i love to do in Yoga. I like the way how after a session of yoga, i feel my sagging energy levels boosted, as well a deeper feeling of relaxation in the mind and the body.

I tried yoga classes, but unfortunately though I loved the group session, I found i needed more individual session for my health problems. I didnt want to do generic asanas, i wanted to do those asanas, which would help me with my particular ailments.

Yoga.come app took some time to use it, initially when i tried a couple of workout I realised I had slight pain in my neck, so I had to abandon the app and discontinue doing yoga from the app. But nowadays schduling classes and going out for a class is too time consuming, so I got back to the app and started once again. This time I marked some beginners program in the app as favourites and have tried to perfect those programmes and do my asanas with awareness. This has worked for me, I somtimes do 2/3 sessions in a day, or I have to do atleast one programme a day.

The pros of this app are

1) You can choose (cusotmise) your yoga programme (workout).

2) You can do your workout as and when you would like to.

3) It has a calnder which tracks your montly workouts.

4) You can connect to other people using this app.

Its a paid app, but if you really are a yogi by heart, i highly recommend this app.

Cos –

The only con, is you are doing the workout alone and not able to tap in a group energy which you get when you are doing yoga in a class.



Video Review of the paid Twitter App for Ipad “Tweetbot”

I havent been excited about an Ipad App since soundhound, if you are addicted to twitter, this might made me you incurable. A very nifty and a lot much better than the native twitter app. Check the video for the 3 main features I like.


Pocket expense

This is one of the most wonderful iPad app for tracking your expenses, income, balancing your bank accounts or setting up budgets. The is a free version, which lets you do a few entries, the paid version is 4.99 usd. Need less to say absolutely worth it. Please get it, if you are looking at getting your finances all in one place.