Why the government is right in censoring the internet

There is a virtual ecosystem called Internet, where small fishes swim, the cost for the small fish to live in this virtual ecosystem is literally negligible. The small fishes here are allowed to do hubris, poke, LIKE and tweet, also the small fishes are allowed to get outraged on anything as long as they don’t make any sense.

This utopian world of the small fishes was going well, until a few small fishes decided they wanted to poke the sharks of the real world.

There is virtually no entry barrier for anyone to attack a (ill) reputed business (Big Fish), in this ecosystem. This makes the Big fishes very squeamish and apprehensive. The idea of this new found power of self expression which has translated into this ubiquitous stream of allegation has got the authorities on their knees. They are after all answerable to the big fishes.

I am uncomfortable with small fishes trying to take on the big fish, I feel they have to nourish themselves with small fishes and grow organically before they challenge the sharks. The irresponsible actions of the small fishes might have irrevocable damage on this virtual and free ecosystem called the Internet.