My Passion, My Mission and My Goals

My Passion –

I am in love with technology, particulalry internet technology. My focus is on affordable consumer technologies right now. The idea that technology can be a equaliser and democratise access to information is quite heartening. I want to see how we can transform each others lives with technology.

My mission –

I am pained by the way Mumbai is turning out. Instead of getting rid of potholes, people prefer to buy costlier cars. Instead of having better medical care people prefer to opt for the expensive healthcare solution. The state is pretty much saying that if you can afford it, you can have the quality of life fit for a decent living. Otherwise you are pretty much on your own.

I want to make cities better. I want our cities to offer better houses, efficient transportation, and safe and vibrant neighbourhoods.

My Goals

Leverage Technology to make city better. Make an Impact, increase brand recognition and reach..

Photo by Dan Gribbin on Unsplash

North Star, mind maps and outlining.


Too many plans can be great, but without an accurate road map, you will get lost in the black hole of your brain. To achieve your plans start by thinking about your GOAL. Your personal life is connected to your professional life. You need to decide A GOAL for your personal life and professional life. Just one GOAL, remember you cannot be a Rock musician and noble prize winning scientist.

The most intelligent people simplify their life. I am getting intelligent; since I came across the metaphor of the North Star.


North Star ⭐️ is the brightest star in the sky. Thanks to the North Star ships found their way home before satellite navigation and other advanced technologies.

Your North Star is your brightest GOAL. Rest of the stars are shining and distracting you from focussing on your North Star. Plans are based on what your Goal is. The most important question to ask yourself is “What is my brightest star?”.


Now you have figured out what your Goal is. You draw your plan. If you don’t have the focussing ability and prone to distraction. I suggest 2 tools to plan for your goal.

1) Outlining
2) Mind maps.

Check the video below – I am using a software, but you can use a paper. In fact, I am informed that doing things on paper leads to more creativity to your imagination.