SSK K700 Bluetooth stereo headphones

This SSK k700 Bluetooth stereo headphones works great w the iPhone. I recommend everyone should buy one!
I got it from link road mall at linking road bandra for Rs 2600/-

Earlier I had a Nokia Bluetooth stereo headphone which would give bad audio to the caller. Don’t buy Nokia stereo headphones for iPhone.


Video Review of Chroma 4 way phone battery charger.

I carry an iPhone 3, which means in a couple of hours of tweeting, my battery indicator shows red. The Apple store chargers or battery backups  for iPhone were an expensive options, here I bought this as a cheap solution for my iPhone battery woes. Check out this video review below of this 4 way  phone battery charger  from Chroma available at Chroma Stores.

Trial day 1: I used the 9V battery (chinese made) for charging, it surely charged my Iphone to about 90% , but then the battery was useless. So cost of a single charge Rs 80/- . Verdict: Too expensive.