How to set up a free ecommerce store in India?


I read an article saying about ” How to set up a free ecommerce store in India, and all it had listed was magneto and why shouldnt one use it. I think it was a lame article.

If you google “OPEN SOURCE SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE” you will get many results on the first page, all of these results give you a Open-source ready to use software which can be installed into your hosting.

I recommend the following three softwares to create your dream ecoomerce site and get your business online at little or nocost.


I have tried OPENCART it is wonderful, it can be localised and its bloody free, because its OPEN SOURCE!!


I have seen one of my client using this software and these guys are IIT ians and they have made a fabulous website out of this.


If you are like me who love wordpress and want the familarity of wordpress then you should check the woocommerce plugin (which is free) or a woocommerce free theme. They have paid themes also if you are ready to spend. I am using the woo-commerce plugin in one of my site and it is convenient when you dont want a full fledged store front but still have a few products you can retail via your blog.

Shopping Online for groceries and fruits.

 A skill which men are not biologically evolved at, add to that paucity of time, leads to new ways to shop. Welcome to online grocery store, Shop for greens, veges, fruits and while you are at it, look at some mouth watering Namkeens too.

Recently, I have stopped going to grocery shop, first a man feels very odd, buying vegetables, it is just clumsy. Yes, once in a while a man might feel metro-sexual and go to buy vegetables, but not everyday, women are biologically endowed to shop (gathering fruits and berries), while men are hunters or farmers. 🙂

FeshnDaily and are the two sites I have started to depend on to save me the clumsy job of buying groceries and vegetables. The less we depend on women for our needs the more pure our love will be, I believe.

Next Aim: To shop for a pair of Jeans Online.