My Talk at the Blockchain Seminar at Smt. P.N.Doshi Women’s College

The Speaker dropped at the last minute out and Tejas asked me if I can speak on Blockchain as he knew I have been researching on Blockchain. I prepared the presentation over night and gave the talk. Blockchain is an amazingly interesting area and I did my best to inspire the students.

Here the talk below

You can become a Chartered Accountant in only Rupees Ten Thousand only

I was under the impression that education has become extremely unaffordable in India. I have been hearing stories about astronomical fees for professional degrees. So I was in for surprise yesterday.

I was on a client visit and while returning the chartered account of the client also joined me. He hails from a small town near Hyderabad. It was a long journey back home and the CA got talking to me. He said his CA education cost him Rs Ten thousand only. He said there are 10 papers for CA and each cost about Rs 1000 to appear. Please note – In mumbai the price is Rs Ten thousand per paper, but to save money he appeared for his papers from small towns like Chennai and Hyderabad where the paper costs only Rupees One thousand.

He said his monthly pocket money was Rs 100 and he couldn’t afford to live and give exam in Mumbai city so he travelled to Chennai lived with his relatives and gave his paper. He is about 30/35 year old. So circumstances might be a bit different today. But again Education policies don’t change all of a sudden.

## His Education catapults him to the upward moving Salaried Class

He said, immediately after graduation he got a job in an investment banking firm where he has privileges like air travel, which was a dream come true. He was then at Infosys where the living arrangement was like a 5 star place. He then moved to Dubai for 6 years and even got a US degree in CFA while working.

This is a story of India from 2002 to 2018. His story is the story of India. I will be following his career story from 2019 onwards.

The three kind of employees

I am not a HR person, so pardon me for this transgression. I have identified 3 personalities in employees. This might help me in future rather than help the readers.

Here are the employee prototypes

The Enthusiast Employee

This employee type is what 80% of the workspace consists off. They are the type of employee who never miss the 9 am local and reach the office at 10 am. They leave spot on time at 5:30 pm. They are the shut it, forget it employee. Once they are out of office, their leisure time is for their family and social circles. Also don’t you dare them to work on weekends.

This employee is the do-er, tell them to think and they will offer resignation as thinking is not considered work.

The Amatuer employee

They are the ones, who lack discipline. You don’t find them sticking to a job for long time. They are forever in and out of one exciting project to another. They are cheap but expensive to maintain. They are self driven, you don’t have to do much to make them work. These kind of people could be better running their own business but do-not have the shrewdness to make any venture sustainable.

The Pro Employee

They are always going to exotic places for vacation like lonavala and Pavna. Their children are well turned out. They have worked hard for their entire life and now feel people should pay them $$$$ without any questions or strings attached. They are not ready to learn new things. They are existing in your Organisation primarily to enjoy the fruits of other people’s hard-work. They would be totally unemployable but they have very impressive resume’s.

You might be in one stage or another, typically a person starts as an enthusiasts employee and ends up as a Pro.

What do I do for a living?

I avoided the school re-union, why should I go and meet a bunch of idiots in Goregaon now that I am a Bandra Boy.

But then a couple of days back, I bumped into a school friend, he was in his new BMW. When one has been to school together, the eventual comparison of what we both have achieved so far will come up.
So he started his humble brag about his 200 crore business and the houses he owns. After I had heard him out. He said what do you do?

Now I said, I am in a hurry and I will tell him soon or write back to him. I took his email and phone number and pushed off.

This Blogpost is an attempt to tell the guy that though I dont have BMW and big houses in Mumbai, I am quite enjoying my life. (Which is a lie).

The truth is I am dreaming all the time of making it Big like him, but its so damn hard. But let me tell my school friend my story. There are 3 phases to my career.

First Phase


I was very proud to brag about how I employed 100’s of workers and never miss my manufacturing targets. How I built a factory which people called as White Elephant or a Taj Mahal.
But those glory days have gone and I had to create my own mark in this world.

Middle Phase

Events, Foreign Exchange & BPO

Thanks to a friend I got a brief exposure into events. Helped a friend Organise a beautiful Poetry & Jazz Event.
The foreign exchange and BPO things is nothing to write about.

Current Phase

Hyperlocal Media and Social Media

So I got into blogging in 2008, the same time I broke up with my girlfriend. All the energy which I was putting into the relationship was available to me. This was the start of my media empire (which pays me peanuts).
But regardless of the pay, I like to believe I want to be a media baron. Not that I particularly like to boast about this on a school alumni meet. But, I can give it a shot, however ludicrous this may sound. (The thing about stupid people is that they don’t know they are being stupid).
Some of the hyperlocal sites I run are , etc. One day I want to cover the entire Mumbai or the country is the dream.
Now I have been bootstrapping for last 7/8 years, but I right now I have no boots left. So I do whatever projects I get and chase financiers with begging bowls to fund my dream.

Outdoor Advertising Sales, Web development etc

To pay my Bandra rents, my friends were nice enough to give me some free lance work.


So dear school friend, I don’t have a house, I don’t even have a car. I cant say I am happy with my career. But there are 3 kinds of wealth you can get
1) Laxmi ( Financial)
2) Saraswati ( Knowledge)
3) Durga (Social)

I have spent last 8 years gathering knowledge and Power, at the cost of Laxmi. (sorry for this sad excuse).

I don’t know, if the knowledge and social contacts I have will lead to financial security. But If I make it to the next school re-union , you can assume I have laxmi, by my side.

Till then…