If you are a blogger, who is your real customer?

Suppose you run a few blogs like I do and make revenue out of ad sales or content streaming from your blogs.

Now you have 2 bosses (customers) one is your visitors and the second is the sponsor or advertiser. While the visitor doesn’t pay to access your content while the advertiser uses your media to reach your demographics.

Also being a blogger means you are constrained and don’t have a sales team to pursue the advertisers for more ad revenue. So in this case would you focus on getting more revenue or more visitors (quality and quantity) to your website.

Personally I have never focused much on the advertisers. Don’t do sales calls nor solicit clients for advertising money. I focus on my demographics visitors.

But I am planning to change strategy soon, shift focus on advertisers instead of the community. But the objective would be to serve the community better.

What about you?



Psychological profile of people by the phones (brand).

You know I am a life long student of Psychology, in one of my past life sessions, I discovered that I had a crush on Sigmund Frued daughter who died a Virgin at the age of 83. So now you know where this need to read people’s Psychological profile comes from. Enjoy the Podcast. Peace & Love!

Manoj Nayak ko Tinu Cherian pe gussa kyu aaya!

I am wondering why I am writing this article, as you all know that I pretty much like to mind my own business. But someone or something really caught my goat and that was Mr. Tinu Cherian malicious, petty and cheap prank to defame IIPM on the 12/13th of Jan 2012. ( Mr. Cherian describes himself in his twitter bio as Dreamer, Techie, Wikipedia Admin, @WikimediaIndia Exec Com Member , Top 15 influential Indian in Social Media, Blog @ DreamingCherries.com. ) Mr. Tinu Cherian also has envy worthy more than 73000 followers.

Disclaimer: I am not a IIPM graduate, nor I am a SRK or Arindam Chaudhuri fan, infact I hate the kind of marketing campaign they run. Hope you all know what is IIPM otherwise go here http://www.iipm.edu/

Also I have never seen the beautiful face of Mr. Tinu Cherian till this incident (or never noticed) and have never had any personal or professional grouse with him previously.

Here I am embedding some of Mr. Cherian’s tweets so you know, how the story goes and maybe you will see the reason for my anger or you probably wont, but that’s fine. The reason for my anger is that a responsible (or irresponsible) member of the cyber world like Mr. Tinu Cherian who has more than 73000 followers, decided to play a Joke at IIPM, and it reeked of conspiracy and bad taste to me. Let me know if you agree or disagree after going through this entire blogpost?

Picture Referred in the Tweet: This got 50+ RT

After seeing this Tweet I was concerned that a big organisation like IIPM known to be cash rich is threatening legal action against a blogger/Tweeple like @tinucherian . I was alarmed at such a scenario which threatens our freedom of speech and Re-tweeted it immediately and urgently. (At this point I had no reason to believe that @tinucherian is trying to defame IIPM as a consequence of this prank). But the following Tweet which came with twitpic of a email sent by some Ramya Walkhare made it pretty obvious that this was a cheap and petty prank, Check tweet below.

Now the problem with this email (from a id I assume Mr. Cherian has created himself to amuse us) is that it doesnt seem to have an Official signature at the end of the email nor does it have a official email id. Also It seems quite unlikely that IIPM would use such an unprofessional launguage and a fake id to top it.

When I questioned him on this, I got a equally irresponsible answer, Below is his tweet.

I know @tinucherian has all the right to create a practical Joke and maybe IIPM actually did send him this email. But thats precisely what I doubt, and there is my case. Tinu Cherian being a social media guy (his bio claims Top 15 influential Indian in Social Media) and a Wikipedia Admin, with an army of more than 73K followers is not a JOKER without any motivation, and what are his motives remain questionable?

The purpose of this blog post is my morbid dislike, that a few social media guys/agencies who sit in Chennai and Bangalore or wherever supported by their vast network of allies sitting in Mumbai and Delhi, take their freedom of expression for granted and form an unholy nexus among themselves and conspire to defame a brand for monetary or personal reasons.

Till now I haven’t heard any news from Mr Cherian confirming the threat or calling it a hoax. Wonder which brand is next in line for Mr. Cherian’s practical joke? If someone proves that the email was actually sent by IIPM staff. I would gladly restore my faith in one of the top 15 Social media guy in India and delete this blog post if it matters at all to Mr. Tinu Cherian’s spotless reputation.


After I put up this blog post on Saturday night, I received a quite a few replies from @tinucherian , He basically beleives I have nothing to do with IIPM and also he has assured me that he had no intention to malign IIPM and it was not deliberate and that he is hounded by IIPM fake accounts and the email was sent probably by some agency who runs IIPM social media campaign. But what interested me more that he has admitted that he reacted hastily. Below is his tweet saying so, I certainly hope he gets over his unhealthy obsession with IIPM and finds a better cause. He has also metioned that he would be doing a blog post on this, explaining his POV, I would certainly like to know @tinucherian’s mind a bit better.

I wont be updating this blogpost anymore if anyone needs to follow this story , they can check the storify feed (link below) I will keep updating as I can.

[View the story “Petty & Cheap anti #IIPM campaign by @tinucherian” on Storify]

Can advertisers use brand “Gandhi” free of cost?

When I saw a few ads of apple and airtel using Gandhi in their value statement advertisement. I felt that they need to pay a royalty to the Gandhi Trust. If the photographer can get paid then the Gandhi Trust should also get paid. Here is a twitter discussion with Prashant.

  1. The Query

  2. Why do all corporates use Gandhi on their promo video’s, even apple did in 1998. I hope they are paying @TusharG royalty.
  3. This reply by Tushar Gandhi, confirms he (being a direct descendant) or Gandhi Trust is not paid by corporations who have used MKG image for brand building. 
  4. Prashant Argues very rightly that the Publisher of these images own the rights. Follow the entire discussion. 
  5. @manojnayak pictures wud mostly be owned by getty/reuters. Apple wud’ve paid them. Why wud they pay anyone but the copyright owners?
  6. @prashantdr you are right. But not fair. Suppose a corporate uses Tendulkars picture, clicked by someone, Sachin w sue for sure! I think.
  7. @manojnayak yr still missing the point. The photographer owns the picture (or the co he sells it to, like Getty) not the person being shot
  8. @prashantdr i get your point, but the person whose picture has been used help define the brand position. So its not the artistic quality ..
  9. @prashantdr of the picture but the person who is in the picture who help the branding of the corporation. UNLESS the photographer contd
  10. has a written contract from (in this case) Gandhi (Trust) permission to do so for commercial purpose.
  11. @prashantdr legally they might be correct, but its unfair to exploit Brand Gandhi particularly by brands like Apple and Airtel.
  12. @prashantdr particularly if the original intent of the picture was for some news item. In this case the agency who owns the right is at faul
  13. @manojnayak brands *do* use ckter’s images out of line when they “congratulate” them. Don’t see anything out of line in Gandhi’s img though
  14. @manojnayak he’s a public figure and so long as the picture isn’t protected, well within rights to use them
  15. Tushar Gandhi’s reply to this discussion. 
  16. @manojnayak according to international law they require NOC from legal heirs.
  17. Sir, I am assuming they have not got the same. RT @tusharg: @manojnayak according to international law they require NOC from legal heirs.