Meet Clara, my new assistant

ClaraSo this week, I met Clara and isn’t she lovely. She said she would work for you free for 14 days. Now, who gives you that kind of offer, right? Clara has scheduled for me about five meetings and two calls in last 7 days.
She is super efficient after all she has artificial intelligence. Clara is an AI-powered email bot, once you send her an email, asking her to fix a meeting or a call on your calendar with a particular person, she will take over the mundane task of follow-up and stuff.
Why don’t you give it try! Check Clara here
Psst – If you sign up using the above link, she will work an additional week without cost for me 🙂

The next big social network is here – Anchor

I had predicted that Twitter was the next big social network in 2007 when I joined, so had a million others. But now, today i discovered Anchor, no one is saying this is the next FB or twitter, but I think, this is the deal big deal in a social network.

So if you are not on anchor, get you ass here or rather you voice on it.

Listen to a few of my waves (updates) on below