The Flow zone

I am sitting in a cafe, the Air-condioner is at just the right temperature, there was some Beatles playlist playing which has been stopped now and there is this silence which feels odd.

Though I can see people from my pheripheral vision, a couple is just leaving the cafe. But I am in a state of flow. I am not distracted. My body is at ease, and I am completely focused on what I am writing. In fact I have been in this “Flow State” for last 2 hours and managed to tick of a few tasks off my list which I have been procrastinating. In this state of mind, I feel no tasks is difficult, I can do anything I want. Programming, music, writing, coding.

The problem is getting into this state is rather difficult. It happens at a certain place and at the certain time. It is when you are not too hungry or not too stuffed. The Ying and Yang is balanced. People who can stay in this state for longer periods can write books, become virtuoso and do all the deep work to become the super-human genius mankind produces once in a while.

If you struggle with your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your work. I recommend you try to deep work by getting into the “flow state”.

Flow state can be achieved by

  1. Do what you love even when your house in burning down.
  2. Say fuck you to all your problems and do what you love or love what you need to do.
  3. Find a comfortable place, but don’t be too hungry, or eat too much.
  4. Make sure, you empty your mind of mundane issues by organizing your workflow. So you can focus only on what you need to do.
  5. Flow state can only be achieved alone but one can achieve it during sex or deep intimate close dance.

Getting out of my comfort zone

I am very bothered by this book by Robin Sharma. It is irritating the fuck out of me! This blogpost is an attempt to vent out.

I hate every word of the book, but still I am painfully trying to read the crap Mr. Robin Sharma has written. The reason why I hate the book 5am Club is the following

  1. It is a terrible cliche and badly written peice of shit.
  2. It is forcing me out of my comfort zone.

So I am in this terrible place, where if i read this badly written book, I will be the bigger loser than Mr. Sharma and if the reason is number 2, that I am avoiding to read the book because it challenges me to get out of my comfort zone. As one of the primary purpose i picked up the book was I want to get the fuck out of my comfort zone. I am sick of the comfort zone!

Now I think I can get deeper than Mr. Robin Sharma

What is a comfort zone?

What if I am already living too much out of my comfort zone?

How does Mr. Sharma know that I am about to be eaten up by a blue whale and will dissolve in the whale stomach acid in minutes?


The blog has achieved it’s aim of venting out on Mr Sharma and his silly book. I feel like I should troll him by writing a book called 3:30 am Club!

Any publishers here would like to give me an advance?

Office Politics, Leadership types

When you are working with people, they is this constant need for everyone in the team to establish hierarchy. The fight for the top place is relentless. The person who makes it higher and higher, gets more and more priviledges.

All, the rotten work is done by the lower status people. Also having the right skill for a job isn’t sufficient. One needs to learn to play one person against each other.

The person who usually emerges on the top is the person who manages to become the person who everyone confides in, but that person doesn’t confide in anyone.

This is the end result. Become a person who everyone in the team confides or open up their soft underbelly. As long as this happens you will be the one who can manipulate everyone.


There are 2 ways Leadership can be accomplished.

  1. Manipulation
  2. Inspiration

Leadership by manipulation is done by 90% of the people. Leadership by inspiring others is much rare. We all are looking for such inspiring leaders, who will inspire us to give our best work.

Let us see how we can inspire our subordinates rather than use manipulation techniques.

My Talk at the Blockchain Seminar at Smt. P.N.Doshi Women’s College

The Speaker dropped at the last minute out and Tejas asked me if I can speak on Blockchain as he knew I have been researching on Blockchain. I prepared the presentation over night and gave the talk. Blockchain is an amazingly interesting area and I did my best to inspire the students.

Here the talk below

A guide for freelancers – What kind of prospective clients to refuse

Sometimes the phone doesn’t ring for months. Then it rings, and you feel God has called you. This God is also known as a prospective client. You are almost in tears, someone out there has realised your worth and wants to pay you. Your existential crisis is disturbed by this human being. You want to keep his photo next to your Guru/God, but here are some words of caution on this God.

These potential clients can be tricky. I am below outlining my mind map for accepting/rejecting clients. I have categorised them in to four types.

1. Prospective Client wants to delegate tasks

He wants to delegate tasks which he doesn’t have time to do or he thinks it is not worth his time. This is the lowest kind of job. You are into a operations kind of scenario where you are paid for your time and you know time doesn’t scale up.

If you get such an offer, make sure you can do the dirty laundry or dirty dishes with a sense of gratitude, as this is a thank less job.

2. Prospective Client wants to hire you for your unique skill and talent

There are people who can spot something unique in you. You are not useless as you think you are. Maybe you have a technical skill, maybe you are just a honest person, or you are a people person. You are unique & there no one else who can do that particular work. You have a monopoly skill/business

This is ideal situation, where you are bringing more than your time to the table. But still you need to use your time and skill to complete the project.

3. Prospective clients wants you as an advisor

This is amazing, you have reached a level that your insights and experience is needed. Maybe your profile is so good, that having you on their team will add tons of credibility to their project. Here you need to be cautious that your personal brand name is not misused.

Now coming to some strategies clients use to check your Hunger

Hunger is your need to bend down to the lowest price for their project.

Meet me at my office

Many prospective clients will insist on you meeting them at their office. Their office is generally in some good damn part of the city. If the clients refuses to brief on the phone, I smell rat. This guy wants to meet you, put you under pressure and squeeze free ideas for his business. That’s the reason he wants to meet you unprepared. When you meet the prospect without a brief, he has an upper hand.

I avoid meeting people who cannot discuss the project at length on phone. If there is a tone of arrogance when they ask me to meet them, I am alarmed and deny such a request or ask for an advance payment as commitment.

This is super urgent!!!

Another way to test your hunger, is to give you an urgent project and pay you peanuts or not pay at all. If you complete the task in the deadline without asking for “urgency cost” than you are really hungry.

Most tech guys combat this very well. They build lot of delays in to the project, this is a reverse hack of the clients “urgent requirement”. I don’t recommend delaying projects to get a better bargain, but at the same time, one should be aware of the prospective client testing your hunger.

A Prospective Client talks down to you.

They are loaded. Their companies are many 100 crores of turnover. This gives them God Complex. Every other human being who is not in the 100 crore bracket is a beggar. They don’t feel any shame before they shout or talk down to you. I reject these kind of clients out right.

I have been fooled by this category, where they have sweet talked me when on-boarding and then tried to talk down. A talk down is a perfect way to make sure to break the employee morale so he is always in awe of the client.

I reject this kind of prospective client out-right. One needs to constantly be watching for signals for these kinds. Unfortunately they are far too many and one can get used to.