Multi-Tasking is better for Productivity

I am sure, I am the only person who claims that Multi-Tasking is better for Productivity. This may be my subjective truth of what I witnessed. We all know, time management is a defunct concept, the state of art of productivity expert will tell you, you need to manage your energy instead of your time. _Before I explain how multi-tasking made me more productive, let me post a brief on energy management._

Energy Management

The idea is you match the task or the thing you want to accomplish by matching your energy. Suppose you are most productive and focusses in the from 4 pm to 6 pm like me, then do the task with most complexity at that time.

How Multi-tasking makes me more productive.

I used to believe like the traditional wisdom suggests do one thing at a time. This got my brain very tired. I would feel bored or sleepy with focussing on one task at a time.

Why I felt bored and sleepy while single-tasking

The thing is when I am focussing on one task, they are persistent knocks on my brain reminding of ideas, and inspirations at the threshold. If I don’t listen to these persistent knocks of ideas and inspiration while trying to focus on the most important task. My brain gets tired because those ideas and inspiration are consuming my mental energy while I am trying to ignore them. So let those ideas and inspirations come in and possess you. Now ideas excite us and all those tiredness of the mind is history as the energy that was held back is now free and you are taking actions on the ideas and inspirations knocking in your brain while you were focussing on the single task. This has made me quite a difference to my workflow. I feel I am able to tick off more work in a day and I am moving towards my goals faster than when I was single-tasking. This blogpost idea came to me when I was reading an article on Economy and drinking my latte.

Please note – This multi-tasking habit of mine is just a week old. So results might take some time to show up

Photographer: Andreas Klassen | Source: Unsplash

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