Life Lesson’s learnt in 2019

December end was crazy work wise. You could say there was a revolution. A revolution which changes the paradigm. So excuse me for coming up a 2019 round up blog so late. But I think I should share some important lessons I learnt in 2019.

Realised my value

I realised I have been under selling myself for years. I never felt the need for any pretence, but then being naive and ignorant and thinking the other person will give you value for what you are worth could be too much to trust in the other.

It never occurred to me, how i could undersell myself. I blame myself for the same, as I have not done my home work and never bothered to position myself well in the social and competence hierarchy.


You might find this unbelievable. So far in my life, I have never really felt jealous about anyone consciously. But 2019, I saw myself getting jealous of people. Also I realised I am not jealous of people who have bigger cars or more material stuff. I am jealous of people who are better communicators, people who have that hallow that they have made sense of the world.

I don’t feel bad about this, in-fact I feel joy that these are the signs that I am becoming competitive. I am measuring myself to some people out there, who are much ahead of me in the race. It is pushing me to improve my communications skill. It’s making me think about all the things which stack up to make someone an excellent communicator.

Discovering the process of chasing Objectives.

I was feeling overwhelmed for years, I wanted to do all. But this year I discovered a framework called OKR’s. It stands Objectives and Key Results. Companies like google, intel have been using that to meet their objectives. Then I dived deep in to SCRUM a process management system and finally now I am learning how to execute by a system called 4DX (The four disciplines of execution).

Feeling Empowered

Finally I feel I am getting a bit of a handle on my work! God why did it take so long for me to get my house in order. But this is just the start. Lets see what lessons are waiting in 2020.

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