Are you sure you are a male or female?

Post modernism has thrown many ideas, but none of them are so challenging to our basic understanding of human biology as “Gender as non-binary”.

Gender as non-binary

So I was talking to the principle of a media institute, they had a “Queer Talk” event. The poster had a woman called Yogesh, she asked her students if there was a spelling error, the person whose name was “Yogesh” looked like a women. The students explain that it is not a mistake. The person is a trans.

The principal then tells me that she came to know there are 38 genders. Do you know that you are supposed to address the trans with the gender pronoun of their choice or zher or zhim or play safe with they.

Gender is a social construct

The postmodern idea is there is no such thing as male or female. Gender is a socially constructed phenomenon and it is the prerogative of the individual.


Ofcourse there is frustration on this issue. Jordan Peterson (the most infamous Canadian Professor) who decided he is not going to change pronouns. His opinion is that the post modern intelectuals who had started from a well intentioned position, but the idea has been completeley miscontrued. Another professor Jonathan Haidt explain that students in elite colleges in US are mollycoddled and get easily trigged by speech.

It is a complex issue. I am keen follower of this movement.

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