The CAA protest is basically a class struggle between the elites and the middle class

If you know a bit on Carl Jung developmental models, then you would understand how the CAA protests is actually a class struggle between the elite and the middle class.

Remember, you can be a pauper and still be elite or you are be super rich but still be middle class. But predominantly the elites are left leaning and the middle class are right leaning.

Some middle class don’t know their identity and can blindly follow the left leaning elites. Basically, every pretentious middle class person wants to associate with the elites if not by wealth then at least by ideology.

The poor here are the one who have flexible ideology as they live on daily wages.

For a long time, the left wasn’t getting any handle on how to deal with the rising Modi wave. The CAA was just something they needed. Now there is a glimmer of hope for them to displace the rising middle class.


I am on the side of elite though I am talking about the CAA in a neutral manner.

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