How sexual revolution led to the feminist revolution

It easy to make a women pregnant. I used to think earlier that God will gift Babies to only people who are capable of nurturing the little humans. I was so wrong, you can make babies even if the sex lasted for 2 mins, even if it felt like you hardly had sex. You can make babies when you do it for the first time or the last time. Babies are everywhere, everyone is making them.

The Silver Lining – The invention of birth control Pill

In the 1960’s the birth control pill was discovered. Now first time in the 5000 years of human history women had a control over their reproductive system. First time in the history of humans – Women could say sex doesnot equal to babies.

The birth control pill also birthed the second Feminist revolution

Now women could go and get jobs. Women can choose first time in the history of humankind not to be dependent on men for financial security. The role of men in society has been diminishing ever since. It is also theorised that what if women could finally even not need the MEN, things like surrogate motherhood could make men dispensable. A male sperm freeze’d for decades could make men totally redundant.

The radical (opportunistic) feminist believe that #allmenaretrash and females can make the world a better place. There are now institutions training young male kids to become more sensitive so that could acquire more feminine characteristics. Feminist believe gender is a social construct and not binary but a spectrum.

A cause for concern?

These are extremely complex issues diving men and women apart and making both of them extremely lonely. What could we as a society do to empower women but stop these gender wars?

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