The Flow zone

I am sitting in a cafe, the Air-condioner is at just the right temperature, there was some Beatles playlist playing which has been stopped now and there is this silence which feels odd.

Though I can see people from my pheripheral vision, a couple is just leaving the cafe. But I am in a state of flow. I am not distracted. My body is at ease, and I am completely focused on what I am writing. In fact I have been in this “Flow State” for last 2 hours and managed to tick of a few tasks off my list which I have been procrastinating. In this state of mind, I feel no tasks is difficult, I can do anything I want. Programming, music, writing, coding.

The problem is getting into this state is rather difficult. It happens at a certain place and at the certain time. It is when you are not too hungry or not too stuffed. The Ying and Yang is balanced. People who can stay in this state for longer periods can write books, become virtuoso and do all the deep work to become the super-human genius mankind produces once in a while.

If you struggle with your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your work. I recommend you try to deep work by getting into the “flow state”.

Flow state can be achieved by

  1. Do what you love even when your house in burning down.
  2. Say fuck you to all your problems and do what you love or love what you need to do.
  3. Find a comfortable place, but don’t be too hungry, or eat too much.
  4. Make sure, you empty your mind of mundane issues by organizing your workflow. So you can focus only on what you need to do.
  5. Flow state can only be achieved alone but one can achieve it during sex or deep intimate close dance.

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