Office Politics, Leadership types

When you are working with people, they is this constant need for everyone in the team to establish hierarchy. The fight for the top place is relentless. The person who makes it higher and higher, gets more and more priviledges.

All, the rotten work is done by the lower status people. Also having the right skill for a job isn’t sufficient. One needs to learn to play one person against each other.

The person who usually emerges on the top is the person who manages to become the person who everyone confides in, but that person doesn’t confide in anyone.

This is the end result. Become a person who everyone in the team confides or open up their soft underbelly. As long as this happens you will be the one who can manipulate everyone.


There are 2 ways Leadership can be accomplished.

  1. Manipulation
  2. Inspiration

Leadership by manipulation is done by 90% of the people. Leadership by inspiring others is much rare. We all are looking for such inspiring leaders, who will inspire us to give our best work.

Let us see how we can inspire our subordinates rather than use manipulation techniques.

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