Small Businesses are a zero sum game

I am a huge small business advocate, but lately I have been disillusioned with small businesses. The problem with small businesses is it is a zero sum game situation between the owner and the employees.

Either the owner makes money or the employees cheat the owner to bankruptcy. Let me explain. A small business is basically where the owner is the complete master of the trade. The owner should know his business in and out. He should know everything about the business. Thats an essential pre-requisite to being a small business owner. But small business owners in this rapid technological developments might see them becoming increasing dependent more and more on other specialised skills.

In a small business scenario, the owner is making enough money that he can live a rich persons life but this means he has to always keep on finding employees who he can exploit. The margins and the volumes of business is such that, there can be only one master. (The man)

Employees Cheat

Some employees, see this zero sum game situation. So they develop strategies to hack the game. They try to make sure, that the owner will lose and they will win. Here comes corruption and loss of integrity. The employee doesn’t wan to a the losing end of this game.

He starts finding ways to cheat, wherever there is cash sales, he might rob the owner. If the owner is not well or on vacation, the employee will steal stuff from the office or business. The employee will try to find likeminded people in the staff and make a Kabal and sustain this systematic looting of the small business owner.

You would say Big corporations employees are also corrupted.

Yes, but the leverage the big business owner has against corrupted employees is huge. A big business has something called HR. The big corporate CEO or management are ten of thousands of times powerful than some employees stealing.

But for small business owner it is a daily trauma and fear, if he is no longer handson he ceases to be the winning part of the zero sum game.

What is a zero sum game

In case you wondering what is zero sum game? It is where in a given transaction or trade or agreement there is one winner and the other person is loser as against a win-win game. A win-win game is where both parties benefit and there is no exploitation.

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