Beware of Fake It till you make it Influencers

Do you know that you can purchase thousands of followers on Instagram?

Do you know you can also purchase like and comments too?

Do you know of existence of Whatsapp groups, which encourages its members to like and comment or face expulsion from the group?

Yes, these are the facts of “Fake it, Till you make it” which basically means fool the client till the money is in the bank. Brands work on numbers, numbers look good on Graphs and charts. Also a marketing manager job is easy if he has corresponding data to show his VP to justify the campaign costs.

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The influencer eco-system is corrupted and in 2018/2019, all social media networks did a purge. But guess what, social media companies also need to show numbers to their stock holders.

Fake it you make it a universal law. But choose your influencer with caution. Do some background checks, for eg

1. Does the influencer you are hiring have real followers or are they all BOTS?
2. See the historical growth of the followers of the influencers you are trying to hire. Use tools like for the same. If you see sudden spike in the number of followers, it is a “fake it till you make it” account.
3. Reward genuine handwork. Many influencers like us are working hard to nurture our community. These fake influencers are jumping the Q. They have to fool the brand till the money is in the bank. They are what we call ‘Fly by night ” businesses.

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