Modi won because Indian’s would rather stay poor than let other’s prosper

So everyone and their uncle is analysing why BJP won. I thought Rahul had picked himself well and certainly didn’t think he would be falling so short. So did many of you including Ruchir Sharma (Morgan Stanley, i think) who just wrote a book on the Indian Democracy. He has been covering elections on the road for last 30 years. I also recently attended a talk by him at NCPA where he said, NDA will get either less than 200 votes or around 236 votes. He missed the mark inspite of having his ears to the ground.

Populism or Majoritarianism

Populism ( it would be called Majoritarianism in India) is basically a strategy used by the politicians by instilling the fear of scarcity. It is a race to the bottom. The narrative is – We will snatch it from the minorities and will give it to you, or the minorities have been appeased and now we will undo it.

Ruchir Sharma mentioned in his talk with Shobha De that, Indians who were harmed due to demonetisation were still happy that the other people who hoarded cash were more harmed. This help them sustain their love for Modi. Instead of accusing Modi for the harm, they justified it by saying a little pain for the good of the country can be borne.

Again, this time. Modi seems like the only capable politician who can give moo-thod (fitting reply) to the enemy i.e Pakistan, terrorism. Jobs be damned, economy can go to bollocks.

What is the alternative ?

Grass root level work as mentioned in this wonderful twitter thread by Ananya Chakravati.

Moving towards a philosophy of abundance instead of fear of scarcity

This would be most difficult thing. But some how we need to convince people that there is enough for all of us. This could counteract the strategy of fear scarcity among the minds of Indians.

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