The Future of Jobs

It is 2030 AD. All crony capitalist have been killed. The other rich people who have been spared their life, had to give all their wealth away. There are no companies and there are no job left as a consequence.

This time it was a rather bloodless revolution. All the revolutionaries had to do was take control of the AI. Now AI is running power plants and steel plants. There is only one ministry, which is the Ministry of AI.

Skilled people do-not have job. The AI does it. But it is still not the extinction of the Homo Sapiens race. The AI has teamed up with the Aam Admi.

# The future of Business in 2030 AD

All business are one man business. No one employs anyone or is employed. There are no conglomerates or MNC’s. They have been abolished and punished for externalising their costs on the environment.

Everybody is their own Boss and there are no employees.

## The future of Jobs

Jobs are contract jobs. Every morning there are list of Jobs available. It is the uberfication of Jobs. If you pick it up you can gt paid or someone else makes it.

### The future of Governments

People who have no skills are paid a Basic Income by the ministry of AI. They are encouraged to become creative. Creative people run the ministry of AI.

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