My Writing Apps

Yesterday I declared I am some kind of a writer. Today I need to flaunt my writing tools. These are writing apps I use. I have outlining and editing tools which I will need another blogpost to write about.

For really long form writing like a novella, screenplay or a novel. (These are dream projects which I might never finish or undertake.) I think scrivener is the best tool out there. For outlined writing like a blogpost I mostly use Highland 2 . I also have rightmargin which is great for planning a blogpost. But I never get time to plan a blogpost. Most of the blogposts are ideas and is written down in 15/30 minutes like this one.

For my personal blog I am using Author which is my new love. It can publish automatically to wordpress and is just super neat. It also helps you insert citations and links with keyboard shortcuts.

Some other tools I like for writing

Focused is a great tool if you want to go on a marathon writing session. It really helps you focussed. There is Ulysses which is also pretty good.

Do you have any favourite writing apps?

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