The three kind of employees

I am not a HR person, so pardon me for this transgression. I have identified 3 personalities in employees. This might help me in future rather than help the readers.

Here are the employee prototypes

The Enthusiast Employee

This employee type is what 80% of the workspace consists off. They are the type of employee who never miss the 9 am local and reach the office at 10 am. They leave spot on time at 5:30 pm. They are the shut it, forget it employee. Once they are out of office, their leisure time is for their family and social circles. Also don’t you dare them to work on weekends.

This employee is the do-er, tell them to think and they will offer resignation as thinking is not considered work.

The Amatuer employee

They are the ones, who lack discipline. You don’t find them sticking to a job for long time. They are forever in and out of one exciting project to another. They are cheap but expensive to maintain. They are self driven, you don’t have to do much to make them work. These kind of people could be better running their own business but do-not have the shrewdness to make any venture sustainable.

The Pro Employee

They are always going to exotic places for vacation like lonavala and Pavna. Their children are well turned out. They have worked hard for their entire life and now feel people should pay them $$$$ without any questions or strings attached. They are not ready to learn new things. They are existing in your Organisation primarily to enjoy the fruits of other people’s hard-work. They would be totally unemployable but they have very impressive resume’s.

You might be in one stage or another, typically a person starts as an enthusiasts employee and ends up as a Pro.

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