Review of Jio Lyf Water 2

No doubt Reliance Jio has been a game changer in the mobile Internet space. A year from the launch of Jio, my mobile internet expense has reduced by 1/5th. Now I have excess data on all my SIM cards. Airtel has started giving a carry forwards balance and I have about 15GB carried forward so far.

All my friends had warned me about Reliance. People just don’t trust Reliance as a company. I reasoned that since Mukesh Ambani has invested so much, this time around things would be much better.

But now I am thinking that maybe my friends were right. My jio lyf water 2 phone battery got swollen and as a consequence the screen has come off. It’s been a couple of months that I am using it like this. When I finally found time to go to the service center, the person said, the battery has a warranty of only 6 months. What was frustrating that they don’t have batteries in stock. So now I cannot use this phone as the battery drains off in an hour.

Of course I don’t expect this to work like an iPhone, but still 9500/- is a good amount of money for a phone and they should be giving us better phones. This is how jio has let me down.

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