Children we gave away your jobs to Robots!

The first time, I felt like I should have got a job was when I was about 30 years old when a friend told me the salary of her boss. Till then I had no idea that one has to get a job for a living.

My father a technoprunuer told me that I should become an Engineer and then join business.
What my father didn’t realise is that being an Engineer is not good enough. After all he had worked for 15 years in various positions before taking the plunge in to business. A case of hindsight blindness perhaps?

I thought I had business in my blood and whatever I did would be right and I had some great luck to begin with. I was achieving the manufacturing targets. My over-confidence soared and touched ego-maniacal heights.

After dads death, hell broke out. The workers instigated a strike, close employees rebelled seeing a weak 26 year old boss. I managed to trudge along and the momentum of initial success carried me for over a decade.
A theft in the factory was the nemesis of my career as a owner of a factory. Once I was out of business I had no idea about how difficult it is to get that success. I am still learning.

I don’t know the formula of success. The macro-economic situation today is weird. The tech savvy millennials are with all the jobs.

There are also more than ever robots replacing humans in the work place. Generation “X” like us don’t stand a chance with the competitive millennials. Check this video by Sramana Mitra where she talks about the future of Jobs. She predicts that in 50 years 60% of jobs would become automated or taken over by bots. The wealth would become concentrated at the tip of the Pyramid. Governments would then have no choice but to give “Universal Basic Income”.

If you think this wont happen in India, then you might be wrong. L&T retrenched about 14000 employees since April and it has digitised its operations.

So all those parents preparing their children for jobs, this post is a warning. What skills would you impart to your children, if jobs get automated or taken over by bots. Is entrepreneurship the answer. Could micro internet entrepreneurs like me ride the tide to a safer shore? Would automation be an enabler rather than a liability?

I am hedging my bets for automation. I would love to automate the sales process of my business. I don’t have the capital to hire employees. My business doesnt have the scale to attract VC’s so automation will save me from doom.

What an Irony!

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