Talking about Entrepreneurship and Marketing to school kids.

Last month I got a call from a principal of a media institute, she said, would I talk about entrepreneurship and marketing to a bunch of school kids. I tried to wiggle out of the situation by telling her that I was not someone who school kids would look up to, but she is a senior person, and I knew I couldn’t push it.

After that, I was wondering what will I talk to a bunch of school kids. I had marked my calendar for the wrong time spot, as a consequence, I reached about 45 mins late completely unaware that I am late. I was extremely politely told I have 15 mins to talk and if needed, they could extend. (Maybe I should count so overtly on my google calendar for appointments.)

To my pleasant surprise, the students there were dying to hear from me, I just realised, how deprived school students could be for exposure about what life has for them once they are out of the school. I wished I had gone to my school into my classroom and given that talk to my class and I was a student there.

I gave my best for the next 15 mins, cramping up my one-hour presentation in under 15 mins.

Below are a couple of pictures.


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