Why the poor produce more kids? 

  Do you think it makes sense to bring into this world, children which we cannot take care off? 60% of mumbai lives in slums, with roofs at such low heights that if you stretch your hands they can get hurt by the ceiling fans above. Houses with no natural light or ventilation, is it fair to raise children in such houses. Most of the childrens of the poor are malnourished, so I often wonder what makes them reproduce so rabidly, what really makes them think that children would be better taken care off. 

Yesterday I visited a NGO and the lady (who runs the NGO) told me the the reason the poor have children is because they need labour. I didnt push her further, because it was an awkward topic. Can you imagine, having children, that by the time they become 7/8 you engage them in laborious work, so they can releive your hardships? 

If this is infact the bitter truth? I think this is the partial truth, the other factors is we are genetically programmed to reproduce (think of this as a deep ingrained addiction, well that doesnt sound so good, do i really mean, making kids is an addiction, hmm.. YES) . We intrinsically beleive we will become immortal through our kids, also they are the old age crutch. 

Also humans can breed in any adverse conditions. Nothing stops us from multiplying. But I dont know, why I am so uncomfortable with the burgeoning populations, the appaling slums. Is it mere aesthetics? Again there might be multitude of reason for me being uncomfortable with such appaling poverty, but the main reason is aesthetic I think. I just cant handle those narrow pathways in the slum, the suffocating odor and low celings and the filth. 

So the question is do i really have to be more concerned about plain aesthetics over people rights to reproduce and breed and live in a conditions which the UN describes as being unfit for humans? 

How does one get rid of this aesthetics then? 

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