Wassily Kandinsky

  Point and Line to Plane
Line is introduced in terms of the violence that it does to the inward-facing tension of the point, the line shatters the self sufficient world of the point. 

“There exists still another force which develops not within the point, but outside of it. This force hurls itself upon the point which is digging its way into the surface, tears it out and pushes it about the surface in one direction or another. The concentric tension of the point is thereby immediately destroyed and, as a result, it perishes and a new being arises out of it which leads a new, independent life in accordance with its own laws. This is the Line.”

Quote from Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane (pg. 54)

“The geometric line is an invisible thing. It is the track made by the moving point; that is, its product. It is created by movement.” 

Point and line to Plane (pg. 57)

A Line is the track made by points in motion so dance or movement is a way of exploring line with your body.


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