Ishaqzaade Review – Hindu-Muslim Lovestory.

ImageHindu – Muslim love story, is always interesting, its part of our fantasy for peace and religious harmony. The movie does a good job in showing the rural political ethos and the moral opportunism of the righteous political leaders who play caste/religion politics. The underlying theme is how to love someone and make the person more humane than a animal, which our handsome hero is.

What made me write a review about this movie is the question that,

1) Will a wave of mass inter-religion marriage between these 2 communities actually bring and end to Hindu-Muslim hate politics and curb future riots or genocide?

Its kind of stupid to believe that mass hindu-muslim marriages will happen unless government makes it compulsory and enforces it. We all know the governments are least interested in promoting anti-popular laws. So why are these big banner films trying to say? Or are they reflecting and reinforcing the general secular subconscious of the masses? It must be so, i don’t see any other reason why the movie resonated with me atleast, also my DVD wala a muslim highly recommended the movie.

2) Is it a good idea to marry someone who is not socially acceptable?

Great loss of fortune is done by unequal marriages, marriages are institution which build other institutions, they are the bedrock for social infrastructure, Do you want to be on the fringes of society by displeasing your immediate family and they the larger community? Of course for a urban centre like Mumbai caste/religion matters less,  with high disposal income it probably doesn’t matter much. In urban centres its more about class discrimination. But in small towns?

Of course love is blind and all that!!!  But one relationship decision can change and alter your life for the worse.

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