Scaling Up Plans.


I have been thinking. I need 10000 fans, and i need 150 customers a year. This is the maximum volume i can handle, but the only catch is I don’t mind growing my income by 10x.

So the constraints are

1) Only 150 clients per year.

2) 10000 fans.

Income Target = 10x(current income)

So lets see how this can be worked out?

I think i have about 100 customers a year now, but the problem is they are not going to pay be 10x the times i want to reach my goal of 10x(current income)

Solution – I go to new markets (cost of entering the market is available), find richer customers and base my game on value rather than price.

As the i get richer customers, the cheaper ones will be eliminated or replaced, or find a hire (outsource) to take care of the cheaper (in terms of sale) customers. (with quality checks in place, so the cumulative effect is that of a single big customer). (Not meant in a degrading way).

Current Status – Looking for newer (richer) markets.

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