Heads up for jbl flip blue tooth speakers

If you consume lot of media via your phone, iPad for MacBook then we all know the speakers on these devices are not loud enough.

I needed a some speakers for my room which won’t be too loud, but still be loud enough and sound like room speakers plus I wanted it to be Bluetooth compatible.

I scouted around and was looking around for a while, my mind was made up for a Bose portable which costs about Rs 20000/- and the bigger one which is around Rs 50000/- . But before I put up so much money over something which I didn’t really need, I decided to go for a rather cheap jbl flip Bluetooth speakers.

Iam quite blow away, it’s loud, it’s compact, I carry it in my car, it turns into mobile speaker phone when I’m driving and as a cost of Rs 5000/- . After getting this piece I don’t think I would be needing the expensive Bose ones for now. Btw it also an a auxiliary input so you can connect to any of your devices.


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