Review of Btwin folding bike.

I wanted a bicycle, no not any, but a folding one, i wanted a bike which I can not get tired if I have to lift and carry or put in the car.

So lets get to the btwin folding bike.

Looks :

The bike is absolute stunner and its fun to see people in cars checking you and the bike out.  The reactions i get on the street which i have received have convinced me, this btwin folding bicycle cannot help but turn heads.

I am even considering sticking a sticker saying “Yes, my other car is also a porche”


Some of the flattering and sometimes irritating reactions i have received are as below.

1) Are you from foreign? – Some school children.
( This was most flattering reaction, I asked the kids whether they think this bike is from a foreign, they said, no, they seriously meant if Iam a foreigner” ) How did they think a dark skinned guy can be a foreigner, is what baffles me though. I look so Indian, that one cannot call me a foreigner in their sleep. The kids really wanted to flatter me. Oops Racist alert!

2) The bike is cool – shouts a college going teenager at carter road and waves.

3) What is the price of the bike?

4) What is the top speed the bike reaches?

5) Beggars and street urchins instead of asking for money or food, ask for a ride. It gladdens me, that they have some childhood left in them.

Anyway, it came to point where i started getting irritated, every person wants to know the details as to where they can buy the same. It amazes me, that people are so deprived? Well haven’t they googled? It also makes me sometimes feel that am i so disconnected with the mainstream? Why do i feel everyone should know how to google and find the details about the bike.

Price :

Rupess 13999/- Yes thats a steal, looking back at the performance, and 6 speed shimano gears!

Build & Ride Quality –

It might not be the best looking one, in the foldable category like dahon or fomas. But this is the cheapest best looking , very good build quality bike. If price is a issue, this is the folding bike you should go for. I ride about 10 kms on an average everyday, and the bike has never tired me down.


One thought on “Review of Btwin folding bike.

  1. i am going to buy the same in Mumbai..nice way to cut pollution and give people an example of gaining health while losing nothing, thanks for sharing…GOD BLESS !

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