The long haul: The Bombay textile workers strike of 1982-83 – Rajni Bakshi

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I have always been intrigued by the strikes and unions, growing up, Dad had problems with Shivsena union in his factory and I remember him telling me, “thank GOD its not a Datta Samant union”. After closing his factories in Mumbai due to unions issue pretext , he moved his manufacturing to Ratnagiri.

Nevertheless the name Datta Samant is etched on my consciousness, I also had consistent union problems in 1999-2001 until I closed one of manufacturing unit. But compared to the “Bombay textile workers strike on 82-83”, mine and dads issue with unions looks rather trivial.

Here is book which does a indepth analysis of the same strike, which is superbly referenced and researched by Rajni bakshi , I am glad I found this book in a free format on the internet here ,since its out of print and circulation. One of the most enigmatic figure Dutta Samant has been demystified, his style and methodology explained, what made him so popular and subsequently why his popularity vaned is put forth objectively.

Looking forward to read Rajni Bakshi‘s other books.

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