Top 5 people to follow for extremely good music recommendations on my timeline. #FF

Well, instead of just giving usual #FF recommendation, I have decided to blog it. These are the people on my timeline, who make it musical, they tweet links to good music all the time, day or night. Follow these people for some good music streaming into your timeline from regular to intermittent intervals.

1) @Dneha She is very prolific, I think her day time job is listening to and curating music, anyway thats just a guess. Follow her for some extremely listenable music with good rhythm and tune.



2) @Wearabout He is a fashion photographer and his recent project was/is documenting street fashion. Check his blog for some awesome interviews of enviably beautiful and intelligent people. He has a eclectic taste when it come to music. Do follow him.



3) @MilenaVlada A fashion journalist, who reads philosophy big time. She listens to some niche music, mostly European. Get some good music on your TL. Follow her.



4) @Aishwarya_N I have often fallen instantly in love with all the music she tweets, only an exception to a couple of tweets, which were a bit like exercise music. Maybe its got to do with her new passion for fitness. Follow her.



5) @madhulikamathur The rock lady discovers music and sometimes they are exceptionally good. Though not tweeting all the time you tube music links, when she is in a mood, it can feel pretty good following the playlist.


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