How much do you invest in your business?

I have been running a startup, besides my time, my operating cost is about X amount/year. I realised that with the market size available to me, anything more than this would be disastrous to the financial health of my business.

But things have changed, I got a opportunity and  have moved to a bigger market place, I am still working on a similar yearly investment. But Iam getting more ambitious  the market potential is tremendous, i can earn about 4 – 10 times the money Iam earning currently in a year provided I invest much more. May be 10X amount/year

So the the uneasy question is should i invest more and get more resources or work on my lean investment model and grow only 2 times/year.

So, I have came to following conclusion

1) I wont invest my money, but will form a franchise model.


2) Get some experienced VC who know how to scale the business.

In the 1st model, I will be more in control, but the cost of acquiring franchisees needs to be taken care off. In the 2nd options, I will loose the creative control and the whole story might end up looking better or worse, but I wont be creator.

Till then I will grow 2x every year! Or someone can help me do the Math.

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