India’s Saving Culture

Yesterday I was at a high brow kind of event, a book reading event , since it was related to fashion, It had some fashionable, most progressive thinking people, Also there were some people with networking on their mind.
I then happen to bump into a client at the event who is a Certified Financial Planner. As a courtesy, I enquired “how is business?” he replies “people are holding back and not investing”. After the event, over high tea, he enquired if I might put in a word to the organiser of the event about a financial workshop he wishes to conduct, just in case I might know the organiser.I was befuddled with such a request, I had to inform him very politely,that since this is a cultural institution and only culture related events/talks take place, your financial products or investing lecture wouldn’t be appropriate as it is not culture related.

He immediately remarks, my talks are indeed about culture, it is about the “saving’s culture”. This made me go ROFLOL.

It also made me realise, those people who want to sell at any cost and complete targets, have culture farthest from their minds and consciousness.

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