Crazy Midnight Buffet discussion

  1. krinuuu
    Only good thing about them is they are cheap. “@manojnayak: Anyone like the idea of a midnight buffet?”
  2. manojnayak
    @krinuuu @shayne_dsouz unfortunately I don’t see many reviews on food sites for midnight buffets!
  3. shayne_dsouz
    @manojnayak @krinuuu that is probably because few people try them out! I’ve been to Marine Plaza and Mirador, Marine Plaza scores highly
  4. krinuuu
    @manojnayak you can trust @shayne_dsouz review of Marine Plaza ;-). I generally avoid midnight ones coz feel its all left over
  5. manojnayak
    @krinuuu sure, will do. I would love to go clubbing and then end up w a midnight buffet follower by a walk on marine drive. @shayne_dsouz
  6. krinuuu
    @manojnayak @shayne_dsouz how romantic 😉 if you want to end it with Marine Drive, then Marine Plaza is d best option considering proximity
  7. shayne_dsouz
    @manojnayak @krinuuu that is what people do, have fun at Geoffrey’s and then head upstairs to the buffet
  8. manojnayak
    @krinuuu cool, orchid at airport has decent midnight buffet fare, sure eager to try marine plaza! @shayne_dsouz
  9. shayne_dsouz
    @krinuuu @manojnayak ohh! always wanted to try their buffet, I’ve heard Westin does a good buffet, not been there though !
  10. krinuuu
    @manojnayak I tried Sahara Star once which was decent. Not extra ordinary but good. @shayne_dsouz
  11. krinuuu
    @shayne_dsouz @manojnayak for late night dinner if i am in town i any day prefer Zaffarran over mid night buffets. Love the food there
  12. shayne_dsouz
    @krinuuu @manojnayak Zaffran is awesome, I used to love Bade Miyan but the crowd and food suck now a days!!! 😦
  13. krinuuu
    @shayne_dsouz @manojnayak yup i second ur opinion on bade miyans. Zaff ambience is super romantic and not too crowded post 12 & open till 4

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