Into the Wild


Into the Wild is a movie directed by Sean Penn, it has a rating of 8.2 on IMDB which means its been critically acclaimed as well a commercial success.

The story is about a 23 year college graduate, who donates all his money, burns the rest and start hitchhiking across America after abandoning his car. The character is incidentally scarred by his parents conflict, and thinks that people in the world are mean and petty. His ultimate aim to live in Alaska alone and he manages to stay alive for more than 100 days in Alaska in the wild before dying of starvation and being too weak to get help.

Sean Penn has glorified this character, shown that the character has a free spirit, which might be a little stupid, as the character takes “un-calculated” risks and thus finally succumbs and dies of starvation. Sean Penn the director knows that his lead character is stupid so has tried to focus on the charisma of the actor and has lot of panoramic shots of pristine natural beauty.

But making a movie out of a stupid story is something which didn’t go very well. Maybe I don’t have the adventure streak in me. Do watch it, you might like it, if you have ever travelled or hitch hiked and had to depend on strangers for sustenance.

I would love to hitch hike, be a gypsy, but going to a place without any kind of survival training is a being too optimistic. Its like jumping in front of a wild lion and saying GOD will save me! (True story- A man jumped in to lion cage, and said GOD will save him, he was immediately killed by the Lion)

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